The Lincoln Nautilus Black Label Could Be a Very Expensive Mistake

The Lincoln Nautilus is known as a high-quality SUV getting wherever you need to go in while always looking stylish. Add on the Black Label trim level, and consumers should be riding on cloud nine. That has been the luxurious experience of most Lincoln Continental and Navigator owners to date, but Nautilus owners might not have the same experience. Some missing features on the Lincoln Nautilus Black Label leave them feeling left out and a little resentful of the $60,000 or more price tag for this luxury SUV.

The Lincoln Nautilus can range in price anywhere from a little over $40,000 to $60,000. The 2020 Lincoln Nautilus Black Label starts at $63, 800. This price point is what you would expect for a Lincoln Black Label with its luxury and premium customer service experience. Most Nautilus Black Label drivers feel as though they aren’t getting enough bang for their buck.


The interior seats up to five, wrapping them in comfortable leather seats, FWD, as well as an 8-inch infotainment touch screen system. There are approximately 37 cubic feet, which is plenty of room if you plan on taking a vacation with your family. But, if you do end up folding the rear seats down, you end up with about 69 cubic feet. Drivers of the Lincoln Nautilus feel as though there is too much black plastic for a more than $60,000 vehicle.

Road Performance

Like most SUVs in this segment, the Lincoln Nautilus Black Label is very quiet on the road, which is great for making conversation throughout the cabin, as well as playing music without being interrupted by road noise. It performs very well on smooth roads such as highways and can still perform well on somewhat rougher trails as well.


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What can be fixed on the Lincoln Nautilus Black Label

The main reason many drivers feel like the car isn’t worth the premium price tag because of what is missing or some things that could be changed. For starters, one common complaint was the amount of black plastic for an expensive car like this. This could be an easy fix, switching some interior plastic to a black suede fabric, which might make the car seem a little more worth the people’s money. Another element that could be changed is the AWD feature, which could help increase driver satisfaction for drivers who like to take their SUVs, or vehicles off-road, and make it built-in for all future models.

The Lincoln Nautilus Black Label might make you think twice about how to spend upwards of $60,000 when you could spend it on another SUV that has more features, and might not cost as much. The Nautilus is still a well-built vehicle and gets you where you are going while looking good. Yet, next time, equal consideration to interior details and exterior details should be given. That way, Black Level trim expectations might equal what drivers will be satisfied paying for it.