The Limited Edition Silverado We’ll Finally Get

When we saw this concept at the 2019 SEMA Show we knew we wanted it. We figured it was just another cool concept that would never make it to production. We were wrong. The “Redline” Silverado concept will be a special limited edition model for 2021. 

The Redline concept we saw at SEMA was based on a 2020 Silverado 1500 RST. The RST package already comes with body-color front and rear bumpers, LED fog lamps, LED lighting for the bed, and a power tailgate. That sets the foundation for what the Redline will be.

The Redline Silverado gets a lot of black and red features

Chevrolet Silverado Redline Concept
Chevrolet Silverado Redline Concept | Chevrolet

You can add a blackout grille that also takes in the headlamp and parking lamp surrounds. The LED headlamps are housed in dark bezels, and poking through the blackness are red recovery hooks sitting in a black panel below the bumper. 

Red accents are a nice touch found on the wing mirrors, with black door handles and black four-inch tube side steps. The Silverado badging is also black and is outlined in red. Rolling stock consists of all-black wheels with the signature red stripes, and the whole package is lowered a few inches. Lowered sport trucks were a thing for years at SEMA. Will they be making a comeback?

On the tailgate, the badges are also black with red outlines. The exhaust consists of dual trapezoidal tips in black. But those tips are not just for show. They’re attached to a performance exhaust system that, along with the cold air intake kit generates an additional 12 hp. 

A limited-edition Silverado needs a “Glowtie”

Chevy "Glowtie" | GM
Chevy “Glowtie” | GM

Other features that stood out on the concept were the illuminated Chevy bow tie in the grille. Chevy calls it the “Glowtie”. Will this just be a 2020s trend or will we be seeing illuminated logos on trucks far into the future? Six-piston Brembo brakes that stand out in red and some unique floor mats with red accents completed the concept Redline. 

This is now the second Silverado concept displayed at the 2019 SEMA Show that is now planned for production. The other one is the Silverado HD Z71 Sport, also slated for 2021 debut. Obviously, both concepts were well received by the public. The SEMA Show is one of the few opportunities for manufacturers to get feedback from the unique perspective of both professionals that are also enthusiasts. 

The previous-gen Silverado also had a Redline package

The previous Silverado also was available with a limited edition Redline option. You could order it with the LT or LTZ trim packages. It, too, started as a SEMA concept before hitting dealer’s showrooms as a 2017 model. 

Limited edition Redline packages are also available for Camaro, Blazer, Colorado, Equinox, Traverse, and Trax models. So, with the previous-gen Silverado having a limited edition Redline package, and these other models in the Chevy portfolio having it too, it wasn’t much of a stretch imagining the concept would become a production model. Still, it was one of our favs at the show. 

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