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Each new model year brings all sorts of vehicles to choose from on the dealership lots. Automakers from all over the world bring some of the best creations to the lots. Some will ensure you get a trusted reliable car, while others will be money pits. takes a look at some of the automotive brands out there that have a reputation for being one of the least reliable vehicles out there. Here’s what they recommend you avoid.  

Nissan has been struggling with reliability issues

Nissan has been on the fence for quite a while. Reliability wavers every year, going back and forth between poor quality and significant improvements. But, looking back at their history, you’ll find numerous issues with push-button ignitions that become unresponsive and tons of sensor malfunctions. 

Despite the efforts to resolve the problems, Nissan continues to struggle with these same issues over and over. Consumer Reports rated the company number 11 on their report from 2019, which is about halfway down the list. Sales, however, continue to be up there with many other automakers that are more reliable. states that the Nissan Altima was the least reliable vehicle of the brand in previous models. But the newer ones earned it the title of most reliable vehicle from Nissan by Consumer Reports survey report. 

Volkswagen has had some problems

Perhaps we know Volkswagen more for its emissions scandal from 2015 than from any other major problems it’s ever encountered. This German company also struggled with engine issues long before the emissions deal ever came about. 

Another problem that plagued Volkswagen had to do with its electronic technology. Even Consumer Reports ranked it low on the list of reliable cars. In fact, it’s 27th out of 30 vehicles surveyed for the report. They gave it a score of 33, naming the Atlas as the least reliable model from the German brand. 

Cadillac can’t keep up

Cadillac used to be the first name brought to mind when talking about reliable vehicles. But, over the years, something happened, and build-quality went downhill.

One reason, thought to have caused the nosedive, is the fact that Cadillac uses a sizeable amount of technological equipment in their cars. Technology breaks and can be costly to repair. 

Consumer Reports agreed with this notion because they rated them dead last with a score of 23 out of 100 possible points. Their ranking remained unchanged from the year before. The model they felt was the least reliable in the Cadillac line was the XT4. 

Jeep continues to coast off its reputation

The Jeep is a product of the Fiat company, which isn’t exactly known for reliable vehicles, not with their Jeeps, nor with Chrysler or any other sub-brand they make. We know the Jeep for its rugged driving off-roading adventures, but owners know them more for the problems that have them driving it to the dealerships quite often to get fixed. 

Most of the issues plaguing the Jeep have to do with the electronics. Like the Cadillac, the electronics draw people in to buy the vehicle, but when technology breaks, they have to dish out a ton of cash to have them fixed. When you throw too much money into repairing a vehicle, then you’re less likely to purchase it again. 

Consumer Reports listed the brand 26th on the list with a score of 35 out of 100 points. The Wrangler is the least reliable model out of the five Jeep models they looked at. 

When you purchase a vehicle, you want to choose one that you can rely on. One that you don’t have to spend your life savings continually fixing. Avoiding one brand on this list will help you avoid the headaches of dealing with one of the least reliable vehicles on the market. 


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