The Last Tesla Roadster Built is For Sale

Some may not remember this, but Tesla did not always build their own vehicles. Instead, at first, Tesla would buy the Lotus Elise chassis and converted it for electric propulsion. Then, the completed new electric roadster was rebadged as a Tesla. That is how the first Tesla Roadster came into existence. One of those original Roadsters is now for sale. 

A white Tesla Roadster sits on grass in a yard.
The last Tesla Roadster, VIN 2500 | via Electrek

The Tesla Roadster

The Tesla Roadster was in production from 2008 to 2012. It is a luxury sportscar that had a range of 220 miles before needing a recharge, according to Edmunds. That little car proved to Elon Musk that the technology to create a viable electric car company was possible, and the public support was there. So, the little Roadster would become the basis for the Tesla company we are all familiar with today, a growing production company of all-electric vehicles.

The interior of the Tesla Roadster.
The last Tesla Roadster, VIN 2500 | via Electrek

Since the original Tesla Roadsters were the first foray for the company into the electric car industry, some consider them to be future collectibles. So, when one pops up for sale, it catches the attention of collectors and financial speculators alike. And, one has popped up for sale. 

The last Roadster ever built is for sale

The Tesla Roadster that is for sale, however, has a problem. That problem is that the current owner understands the speculative market. The owner knows that the potential for a big windfall is there given Tesla’s importance now on the world stage and the rarity of the car. So, the asking price is currently $1.5 million. 

A white Tesla Roadster sits in a garage hooked up to a charging cable.
The last Tesla Roadster, VIN 2500 | via Electrek

The owner has known from the beginning the significance of this car. This car is the bearer of VIN 2500, the last Roadster ever made. So, the owner kept it in pristine condition all these years. Here is their description, as posted on Electrek,  

We offer the unique opportunity to buy the very last Tesla Roadster ever built, VIN 2500. It is not only the very last Roadster which came out of the factory, it was also prepared and conditioned in a very special way. This car comes in an unique sparkling white, a special white & black interior trim, full Carbon package inside, unique Carbon diffusor, the VIN 2500 badging, white ornaments on the rims and Signatures of the Tesla Team from back in the days on the battery. VIN 2500 was never registered, stored on tire pillows on marble floor and has only ca. 200km original mileage from the factory. The original coverage on the steering wheel, hand brakes, etc. is still on. Of course the battery was kept on ideal level and the overall car serviced. Imagine you missed like everybody the chance for a Ferrari 250 GTO before the prices really took off, now you have it with this very special collectors car from the most valuable car manufactorer in the world.

The signed battery pack of a Tesla Roadster.
The last Tesla Roadster, VIN 2500 | via Electrek

Speculating on the Tesla Roadster’s worth

The Roadster is currently in Switzerland. However, the attention to the listing is global in nature. So, it is conceivable that a buyer will be located at the $1.5 million asking price. But, it seems a stretch to be looking for a return equal to 15 times the original value on the vehicle. Having said that, collectors are usually in it for the long game and may already be considering the possible value in another ten years to help them make their decision today. 

For those interested in grabbing a piece of automotive history, the last Tesla Roadster might be just what the doctor ordered. This all-electric little car launched a company that has now become a major player in the automotive landscape. Just think what the value of the very last Model T would be today if it were still around.