The Last Passat: What’s Included in the 2022 Volkswagen Passat Limited Edition?

There’s an SUV boom, and it seems the sedans are the casualties. The list for mid-size sedans headed to the automotive graveyard is growing, and the VW Passat has joined it. This car was recently canceled but will have one more run with a special edition, which is great news for car enthusiasts that loved this car. 

One of the main reasons why cars are being canceled is due to underperformance. Volkswagen Passat has been lagging in sales when it comes to its competitors, and Volkswagen has decided to stop production. It had its fair share of trouble, and this decision was definitely coming. 

History of the Passat and Its Placement in the VW Lineup

An orange Volkswagen Passat sitting in a show room on a white floor with a black and blue background.
Volkswagen Passat | Getty Images

The first generation VW Passat was unleashed in 1973. For more than 4 decades, this vehicle has been a favorite among many families. It’s believed that the first VW Passat was inspired by the new Audi 80, which had been launched barely one year earlier. The engines and the platforms were the same, but the external styling was by Giorgetto Giugiaro.

The German term for trade wind inspired the name, and the VW Passat lived up to its expectations. It was a lean and faster version of the Audi, which is why it’s not surprising that it was an instant hit in the market. 

It was considered one of the most modern cars and was a fresh breath of air from the VW Type 3 and Type 4, which it was intended to replace. However, the VW Passat has not been without its share of problems. Its sales have been paling compared to its competitors and have struggled to keep up with the recent VW models. 

The President and CEO of the Volkswagen Group America highlighted in a statement that their Chattanooga, Tennesee, plant would shift away from producing the VW Passat, which was low-selling and focus on profitable models like the five-seat Atlas Sport crossover.

The Passat has also faced various setbacks, including the diesel version cheating on emission standards. This resulted in a big scandal that caused it to be scraped off from a negotiated trade-in program.

What Will Be Included in the Limited Edition Model?


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The current US market Passat was specifically designed for the North American market, so it diverged from the euro version. It was mainly intended to boost sales in this region and was the first VW model built in the Chattanooga plant. 

Even though the VW Passat was canceled just 3 years shy of its 50th birthday, it is not going down without a fight. Volkswagen will be producing a limited edition of the 1973 models to celebrate this vehicle.

The limited-edition Passat will feature power-folding mirrors, a trunk that opens with the wave of a foot, and 18-inch wheels. The car’s interior will have a Fender audio system, navigation, and leather sport seats that have been infused with driver-seat memory foam. This model will be available in various color combinations, including Racing Green Metallic, Aurora Red Metallic, Platinum Grey Metallic, and Pure White.

Official Cancellation of the Passat

In its press release, VW highlighted that the factory should not be shut down and used to build electric cars and SUV models. The VW Passat will officially stop production in 2022. Of the limited edition models, 423 units will be in the Racing Green Metallic paint that is currently not used on the Passat.