The Land Rover Defender Is a British Bronco Alternative

Have you seen the 2020 Land Rover Defender? It’s kind of a big deal, just the 2021 Ford Bronco. The Land Rover Defender and Ford Bronco are both historic SUVs with iconic names making a significant return with an all-new redesign. They have a similar history and use, despite being on different continents. 

The Land Rover Defender is the British Ford Bronco 

While the Land Rover came out in 1940, the Ford Bronco emerged a little later around 1965. Also, the Land Rover added the Defender title in 1990. Both the Bronco and Defender are smaller versions of full-size vehicles designed for rugged, off-road use. 

2020 Land Rover Defender 90
2020 Land Rover Defender 90 | Land Rover

However, due to changing emission standards and the need for more family-friendly vehicles, both the Ford Bronco and Land Rover Defender met their demise. They were discontinued, and many fans were heartbroken as they scrambled to find classic models to buy. 

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Thankfully, Land Rover and Ford heard the cries of Americans, Brits, and more, because the new Ford Bronco is almost here and the new Land Rover Defender is already available. Also, their parallel stories continue because both of these new SUVs are still very similar. 

Land Rover Defender and New Ford Bronco Similarities 

There are two versions of the new Land Rover Defender. The 90 is a smaller two-door model, while the 110 is the four-door model. The 2021 Ford Bronco has a larger version, but the Baby Bronco or Ford Bronco Sport will be the new compact version. However, the Baby Bronco still has four doors and feels like a Jeep Renegade. 

Ford Bronco on display at auto show
DETROIT – JANUARY 4: Ford Motor Company vice president of design J Mays introduces the new Ford Bronco concept vehicle

Both of these SUVs have styling elements that remain true to their past. They have a broad square design and iconic round headlights. Also, the Land Rover Defender has a new safari window to allow light in, while hopefully, you can take the top off of the 2021 Ford Bronco. 

The new Land Rover Defender has a durable interior for rugged use instead of a luxurious feel. Maybe the Ford Bronco will follow suit with durable materials that are easy to clean. Plus, the Land Rover Defender is built for off-roading, instead of for providing a luxurious ride around town. 

The Land Rover Defender climbing over rocks
Land Rover Defender 110

That being said, you won’t find comfort features such as cooled seats, but you do get new off-roading features. For example, the Land Rover Defender can sense how deep water is before you decide to wade through it. 

We Hope the Ford Bronco is like the Land Rover Defender 

We are still waiting for the full Ford Bronco reveal, which will happen in July. Until then, we don’t know much. However, the Land Rover Defender starts at a lower price than other models. The base model is around $50k, while other models start around $75k. Maybe the Bronco will also have a lower starting price. That would help it target Jeep pretty well. 

A testing mule for the 2021 Ford Bronco wrapped in camouflage
2021 Ford Bronco testing | Ford

The Land Rover Defender is also powerful. The V6 turbo engine puts out about 400 horsepower. We would love to see a V6 in the new Ford Bronco and even the Bronco Sport. The Jeep Renegade only has four-cylinder options, and it would be more fun if it was faster. But unfortunately, all we can do is wait at the moment and be jealous of Brits and their new Land Rover Defenders until the Ford Bronco is released.