The Kuberg Ranger Is an Electric Dirt Bike Shaped Like a Scooter

Typically, electric scooters are used in urban settings, rather than for off-roading. For that, you really need something like a dirt bike, electric or otherwise. But if vintage Vespas can venture off-pavement, why not more modern machines? To be fair, the upcoming Kuberg Ranger isn’t precisely a scooter. But it is an electric dirt bike that draws inspiration from the segment.

Kuberg Ranger specs and features

Czech Republic-based Kuberg already has a range of electric dirt bikes available, reports. One of its most prominent is the Freerider. With a 12-kW (16-hp) motor, it tops out at 34 mph, Uncrate reports. However, it only weighs 79 lbs. That’s heavy for an e-bike, even an electric mountain bike. But for a dirt bike, that’s incredibly light.

A white-helmeted rider on a green Kuberg Ranger, standing on a boulder in a forest
Kuberg Ranger | Kuberg via Instagram

The Kuberg Ranger, though, is a slightly different beast. For one, it’s faster and more powerful, Cycle World reports. Thanks to a 14-kW (19-hp) motor, the Ranger’s max speed is 50 mph. It can also tow up to 66 pounds. However, at 110 pounds, it is heavier.

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Secondly, it has larger batteries. The Kuberg Freerider’s 1-kWh lithium-ion batteries can reportedly deliver 1 hour of riding time. Realistically, Electric Bike reports, that’s about 16 miles of range. The Ranger, though, can be equipped with either a single 1.15-kWh or a dual 2.3-kWh battery pack, RideApart reports. With the latter, it’s possible to ride up to 60 miles (in Eco Mode, a dual-battery exclusive) on a single charge. Though if you ride flat-out, 38 miles is more likely.

Also, the Kuberg Ranger comes with a few upgrades over the rest of the company’s lineup. Like the Freerider, it has Manitou front forks, a DNM rear shock, and hydraulic disc brakes. However, unlike the Freerider, the Ranger has regenerative braking. Also, it can be fitted with LED lights and a rear-mounted kickstand.

The scooter-like aspects

2018 Vespa Sprint 150
2018 Vespa Sprint 150 | Vespa

But the biggest difference between the Ranger and the rest of Kuberg’s electric dirt bike lineup is its overall design. Instead of a fixed seat, the Ranger has a pneumatic adjustable seat. And the handmade steel frame itself is of a step-through design, not unlike a Vespa or Honda Super Cub.

That’s where the scooter influence comes in. The frame and seat make it easy to throw a leg over the Ranger. It also lowers the electric dirt bike’s center-of-gravity, improving handling and stability.

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Plus, not only is the adjustable seat better for shorter riders, but it also resembles a mountain bike’s dropper post. Dropper posts let cyclists lower their seats on the fly, Bicycling explains, which drops the center-of-gravity and moves weight rearward. Doing so improves stability and traction, both in a straight line and in corners. And just like with a dropper post, the Kuberg Ranger’s seat can drop at the push of a button.

Pricing and availability

As of this writing, the Kuberg Ranger has launched via an IndieGoGo campaign.

A black Kuberg Ranger Standard propped up on a rocky lakeshore
Kuberg Ranger Standard | Kuberg California via Instagram

3 trims are available: the 8-kW Standard, the 14-kW Race, and the 14-kW Adventure. The Standard lacks the adjustable seat and kickstand. However, it does have 3 riding modes, and at $6199, it is the cheapest. The Race, which has the pneumatic seat, kickstand, and fenders, starts at $7544. And the Adventure, which also comes with a trailer, starts at $8449.

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As of this writing, Kuberg is offering several discounts for IndieGoGo backers. The listed prices reflect the retail price when the Ranger reaches full production. That’s expected to begin in August 2020, with deliveries starting in October 2020.

Kuberg Ranger vs. the electric dirt bike competition

Despite the seemingly-limited range, the Kuberg Ranger does compare favorably with several other electric dirt bikes.

A black 2020 Cake Kalk INK jumping through the air in a forest
2020 Cake Kalk INK | Cake

The Cake Kalk INK, for example, starts at $9500. But, while it has a larger 2.6-kWh battery, it also weighs about 70 pounds more. It does have slightly more ground clearance—11.8” to the Kuberg Ranger’s 11”. However, it lacks regenerative braking. And, while it can theoretically deliver 3 hours of riding on a charge, at full power, that drops down to roughly 1.  Plus, it’s down about 8 hp compared to the Ranger.

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Kuberg’s electric dirt bike is also cheaper than KTM’s, the $10,499 Freeride E-XC. At 244 pounds, it’s heavier than the Ranger. But it does match the Ranger’s 50-mph top speed, ChargeTheBike reports. However, going flat-out, it can drain its batteries within 20 miles, RideApart reports.

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