The Kia Stinger GTS Is The Sports Sedan You Should Buy

Having a sedan doesn’t have to mean sacrificing luxury and a sporty driving experience. We want our cars to do it all, and that can be pretty hard to find among such a wide variety of new cars on the market. There is, however, one underrated sports sedan that might actually offer it all. Practicality, reliability, speed, and luxury, the Kia Stinger GTS might just be the car you’re looking for.

The Kia Stinger GTS has it all

The Kia Stinger runs on the higher end of prices for a sedan but has a lot to offer that you can’t get unless you’re willing to pay twice the price for a higher-end car manufacturer. The Stinger GTS starts around $45,000 which is more than a brand new Toyota Camry, but still half the price of a new BMW 7 Series.

The Kia Stinger GTS is surprisingly long, offering plenty of room for passengers and a lot of room for cargo. It’s a great option for a family vehicle as it is notably reliable and can fit car seats, strollers, and soccer bags. You can fit enough groceries for a large family without having to squish your loaves of bread or have to pile things into the back seat.

The Stinger GTS also has some nice styling. Its aggressive front end is above average appeal for cars in the same price range. Touches of carbon fiber, like on the side view mirrors, give the car a sporty and fun appearance, setting it apart from the base model Kia Stinger.

Kia didn’t make sacrifices on the interior of the stinger, either. The beautiful leather seats and leather-wrapped door panel give the car a luxurious and high-end feeling and appearance. Owners report that the seats are spacious and comfortable, unlike what you might find in some performance-oriented sports cars.

2020 Kia Stinger GTS

Power and handling

The Kia Stinger GTS has all of the power and performance of sedans with a much higher price tag. Pair that with its practicality and aggressively styling and it is the car you should really be considering.

Under the hood of the Stinger GTS is a 3.3L V6 engine that has been reviewed positively by current owners to be reliable and snappy. It offers a surprising 365hp with 376 lb-ft of torque.

It’s not as fast as more performance-oriented sports coupes, but it does have some decent performance stats. The Stinger GTS can go 0 – 60mph in just under 5 seconds and can go up to 170mph. It has a rigid suspension that makes it handle unlike any other Kia on the road.

2019 Kia Stinger GTS | Interior

The Kia Stinger Is Getting Another Performance Boost in 2021

Overall the Kia Stinger GTS is a great option for someone looking to get a practical sedan, with more power and performance than you’d expect. With this car, Kia has done a great job of meshing together practicality, style and performance in an unexpected way, and more importantly, in a way that is more affordable than many other competitors on the market.