The Kia Sorento Is the Best Used Crossover You Can Buy

We here at MotorBiscuit have written a lot about how well Kia Motors has been doing over the past few years. The Korean-based vehicle manufacturer first became incorporated in the United States in 1992. Back in those days, only four dealerships sold the first Kia-branded vehicles in the United States—all of which were located in Portland, Oregon. It only took the Kia Motors Corporation three years to expand its reach across 30 states with over 100 dealerships.

It wasn’t until the past few years that consumers, in general, began taking notice of Kia—even though the brand had won numerous awards long before that. And one category that Kia seems to rule is the used car segment. In particular, the Kia Sorento keeps being touted by many review sites as being a used crossover worth buying. CarGurus recently awarded it as the best-used crossover and editor’s choice. Let’s go over what makes the Kia Sorento such a great used crossover SUV.

The 2019 Kia Sorento offers a new design

The 2019 Kia Sorento offers used car buyers a new design and is a great midsize crossover SUV for families. It features a fairly high-quality interior, three-row seating, and plenty of cargo space. For its class, the 2019 Kia Sorento offers buyers one of the lowest base prices on the market. This means the nicer models aren’t that steeply-priced

Even with the low price tag, the newer model Kia Sorento comes with some excellent standard features. A significant array of optional features and trim updates allow you to upgrade to a more luxurious Sorento without going broke. The Kia Sorento gets exceptional gas mileage while featuring a 290 horsepower V6 as a secondary option. For those looking to purchase a newer used midsize crossover SUV, the 2019 Kia Sorento is a great option.

Expect to pay $26,00 for the base model and around $45,000 for the SX Limited trim. Even though that may seem a tad steep for a Kia, U.S. News considers it reasonable for its class.

How the 2018 Kia Sorento stacks up

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Again, the 2018 Kia Sorento ranks close to the top of the midsize crossover SUV class. Its smooth, quiet ride allows it to compete against more luxurious brands. It also has an “above average” fuel economy thanks to its conservative four-cylinder engine. The average miles per gallon come out to approximately 17 to 21 in the city; on the highway, you should get around 23 to 28. For those willing to pay extra, they can purchase a Kia Sorento with four-wheel drive and 290 horsepower.

Featuring a sleek exterior and a modern cabin, the Sorento provides intuitive technology and plenty of room. However, compared to its competitors, it has a little less legroom. Owners enjoy a user-friendly, high-quality infotainment system with simple controls. The 2018 Kia Sorento offers a long list of advanced safety features such as surround-view parking camera, rain-sensing windshield wipers, and more. A rearview camera comes standard.

The 2017 and 2016 Kia Sorento are great buys as well

Starting with the 2017 and 2016 Kia Sorento, U.S. News considers it a good used midsize crossover SUV. Used vehicle reviewers gave it some of the best safety ratings in its class. It also hits a distinct balance between a comfortable ride and well-composed handling. Much like the 2019 model, these model years feature a cabin with premium soft-touch materials. And true to order, it offers passengers with two spacious rows with a third row as an added option. Both models are well-known for their below-average ownership costs as well—the lowest in their segment.

They’re both a good value for buyers looking for a bargain. Nevertheless, many buyers choose to avoid the base model as its engine is quite sluggish. The base model only has a 185 horsepower engine while the upgraded trims offer a peppy 290 horsepower engine. There are some 2016 V6 Sorentos floating around but it may be easier to find a 2017 model.

Ownership costs are a bit below average for the segment, which is good for value seekers. However, it’s best to stay away from this Kia’s sluggish base engine. The average price for these models starts at somewhere around $16,000 to $26,500—for both model years.