The Jeep Wrangler-Based 2020 Rezvai Tank Will Make 1,000 HP

If you want to drive defensively, get a tank. In this case, a JL-Wrangler frame with EMP and IED resistance, electrified door handles, bulletproof-everything, and an optional 1,000 horsepower Hellcat engine, tuned by Rezvani. This beast of a Jeep makeover will snag glances from small-town USA, all the way to Moscow.

This off-road vehicle comes standard with pretty much everything you could need in terms of post-apocalyptic preparation, except for a winch. Having said that, odds are, you could drive around virtually anything you needed to, in order to get where you want to go. Potential features for the tank are practically endless as long as you have the cash to spend, ranging from audio and infotainment system upgrades to suspension and drivetrain upgrades and beyond.

I Can Own A Street-Legal Tank? 

Sort of. Rezvani is an American company who started out in Orange County, CA, They started by creating the Rezvani Beast, a supercharged 500 hp car with 3.2-second 0-60 times. One of the most important things about this car? It only weighs 1,650 lbs with the Honda-made engine onboard.

After seeing success with their supercars, they decided to release an off-road vehicle which is customized to the max. 2020 will see the Rezvani Tank return with even more upgrades. Their FAQ page indicates that the Rezvani Tank is street-legal around the world.

Since releasing the quite literally bulletproof Tank, Rezvani has added two additional models to their listings. The Tank, Tank X, and the Tank Military are now available, on top of the Beast and all of its variants.

Each of these vehicles can serve a unique purpose, so it is vital to determine why you need one before buying. Unless you just want a six-figure engine of destruction to stay at the ready for anything life throws your way, y’know?

Why Use A Jeep Frame For The Rezvani Tank?

Jeeps have a decades-long track record of off-road capability, plus, they look cool. Why not turn them into a modern interpretation of a tank? But more seriously, Rezvani works to improve pre-existing vehicle designs rather than engineering entirely new platforms to meet its needs.

Starting with an existing vehicle and adding to its rigidity and functionality allows Rezvani to reduce potential failure. They take parts from the best brands and combine them into one, coherent, ride that is satisfying in new ways. 

Now, if only they shipped with these ripping treads from Mattracks…

If you want over the top, what more can you ask for? It is going to have 1,000-hp, IED-resistance, EMP-resistance, and even suicide doors! All of these are available on the Military Edition Rezvani Tank—for the low, low price of just $300,000.

Newer, JL-gen Jeep Wrangler Unlimited chassis are set wide and long enough to support the Tank’s 6″ lift and monstrous 37″ tires. For perspective, if you kneeled down beside the tires, they would be about as tall as you are. The suspension has been beefed up to handle anything you could throw at it in the off-road realm, and the ram bumpers are handy in case someone needs a little shove. 

Did You Just Say EMP Proof?!

Yes, for when another country to nuke us all, or solar flares catch us off guard, the Rezvani Tank Military Edition comes standard with EMP protection. The EMP protection is allegedly rated to withstand nuclear warhead radiation, solar flare radiation, and lightning radiation. 

In addition to EMP-resistance, the Rezvani Tank sports a host of other features including electrified door handles, high-caliber ballistic armor, smoke screen, strobe lights, FLIR imaging, gas masks, magnetic deadbolts, and run-flat tires. Most importantly, however, it has suicide doors—standard doors would cause additional deployment speed restriction. 

If you have the extra cash, a Rezvani Tank could make an excellent addition to your collection.

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