The Incredible Evolution Of The Chevy Blazer

Now that the Chevy Blazer is back with a curvey body and modern tech, we have to wonder, what happened to it? From being a military vehicle, a popular SUV, discontinued, and back again, the Chevy Blazer has had quite the history.

The Chevy Blazer’s Incredible History 

The Chevy Blazer was first introduced in 1966 to compete with the Ford Bronco and Jeep Cherokee; only it was bigger. While Ford and Jeep were manufacturing smaller trucks and SUVs, Chevy didn’t jump on to this trend with the Blazer, and the first edition could comfortably fit five adults. 

Even though the Chevy Blazer was placed on a large truck frame, it was still incredibly versatile with modern features. For example, you could remove the fiberglass top for an open-air experience. 

You could also get the first Chevy Blazer with modern features of the time, including power steering, an auxiliary powered battery, a push-button radio, power brakes, and more. 

In 1971, the Blazer received a slight facelift with a new grille and headlights before the second generation came out. 

The Second Generation Chevy Blazer 

From 1973 to 1991, the second-generation Chevy Blazer was pretty popular and available in versatile options. You could choose a cabin for one, two, or five passengers and a removable convertible top. 

However, when the half-cab model came out in 1976, the removable top became a thing of the past. 1976 was also the year that the Chevy Blazer Chalet was introduced. 

It had a camper top on the roof along with a gas stove, icebox, and dining table. Optional fold-out bunks could also hold two extra people. 

In the 1980s, Chevy answered the call of duty with the M1009 Blazer model that was manufactured for the U.S. ARMY. While it lacked AC, this model had a rifle rack, brush guard, and a more robust suspension. 

In 1983, Chevy finally hopped on the compact SUV trend and introduced the smaller S-10 chevy blazer. It was marketed as a more capable and maneuverable version of the larger Blazer. 

It didn’t have a removable top and was only offered as a two-door version until the 4-door version came out in 1991. This Blazer also changed its name from the S-10 to the S-Blazer in 1994. 

The K-5 Third Generation Blazer 

The third generation Blazer was a beast. While unfortunately, you couldn’t take their tops off, you could use them to fit six passengers and tow up to 7,000 pounds. 

But this big Blazer didn’t last long as it sat on the back burner to make way for the four-door Yukon and Sleeker Chevy Tahoe. 

The 2001 Chevy Blazer Xtream was the Blazer’s last attempt to stay alive, but this smaller two-wheel drive option didn’t gain popularity, and the Blazer was officially discontinued in 2005. 

In 2019, the Chevy Blazer made its return with a new design that seems to let go of its vast boxy past. This is unlike the Ford Bronco that returned with design interiors that mirror passed models. 

However, the all-new Chevy Blazer can fit up to six passengers comfortably and tow 4,500, making it a capable SUV. With up to 308 horsepower, it certainly doesn’t disappoint those who need to haul items, and it can compete against other mid-sized SUVs, like the Kia Sorento.