The Improbable: 2021 Lotus Evija Production Set To Begin

Unreal performance, incredible styling, insane price; no one expected this to actually happen. The Lotus Evija was too much and too good to be true. Many enthusiasts never thought Lotus would be able to pull this one-off. That’s the reason we’re reporting on the Evija’s factory being completed to start production soon. This should quell any last doubts that Lotus is back and that the Lotus Evija is set to begin production.

In this era of “fake news,” it seemed almost impossible for Lotus to pull off building an electric hypercar. The ups-and-downs Lotus has endured made this all the more sketchy. But, then some things happened.

Evija production to begin at manufacturing plant in Hethel, Norfolk, UK

2021 Lotus Evjia Hypercar | Lotus-3
2021 Lotus Evija Hypercar | Lotus-3

First, Lotus purchased a new manufacturing plant in Hethel, Norfolk, UK. This is the area where Lotus base of operations is located and is next door to its test track. Once it signed on the dotted line Lotus started making changes to the plant. 

Over 30,000 LED lights were installed throughout the facility to lower electric bills. Then, a light tunnel was made to help identify paint imperfections and panel fit tweaks. Multiple vehicle lifts, wheel alignment ramp, and an overhead crane came next. Gantries were installed to divide the building into work stations. 

Evija prototypes are now running around the Lotus test track

2021 Lotus Evija Hypercar | Lotus
2021 Lotus Evija Hypercar | Lotus

Now prototypes are being assembled to identify any issues. They are rolled outside to its test track for dynamic testing. Evija production will begin by summer. Lotus expects to produce around 130 Evija models. The first year’s production run has already been reserved. The cost-is-no-object price is $2.2 million.

The 0-62 times are said to be in under three seconds. More impressive is the 0-186 times in under nine seconds. The top speed is estimated at over 200 mph. Battery charge times will supposedly take 10 minutes. The 70-kWh battery pack will give the Lotus Evija a 225 range.

This will be the fastest production car in the world

2021 Lotus Evija Hypercar | Lotus
2021 Lotus Evija Hypercar | Lotus

The Evija produces almost 2,000 hp and 1253 lb-ft of torque. All of this makes it the fastest production car ever. With Geely supplying the capital the Evija is no Evora. That horse has come and gone. Instead, this is an entirely new Lotus. Even the chassis, which is carbon fiber, is all new. The race-inspired suspension features three spool-valve dampers per axle. A third damper is mounted inboard for controlling heave. 

The rear diffuser is part of the chassis going from the B-pillar to the tail. It will feature a Drag Reduction System similar to an F1 race car. Magnesium wheels add the least amount of unsprung weight possible. 

With this much weight, aerodynamics was very important

2021 Lotus Evija Hypercar | Lotus
2021 Lotus Evija Hypercar | Lotus

The battery packs will be located behind the driver/passenger. They are also adding a lot of weight. The Evija is said to weigh 3,700 lbs. But while it’s no lightweight, the aerodynamic body should help it cut through the atmosphere and result in short track times. Large tunnels are built into the body and chassis to help airflow through the car rather than deflecting it. That in itself should aid aero considerably. 

There are rumors that Lotus wants to try and beat the Nürburgring production car lap record held by a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ. That was set in 2018.