The Hyundai Santa Fe’s Instagram Posts Keep Getting Cuter

If you already read my last piece about the Hyundai Santa Fe‘s adorable Instagram cuteness, then you are going to want to see how the Santa Fe’s Instagram posts are progressing. And if you haven’t seen the Hyundai Santa Fe on Instagram yet, here you go. This tiny Santa Fe just jumps from adventure to adventure with its tiny toy family.

The Hyundai Santa Fe’s Instagram posts started as quarantine posts about how you can still have fun staying at home. Hyundai figured that everyone needed to see a miniature Hyundai Santa Fe enjoying staged family outings in various locations around the home. And, obviously, everyone needs that.

Seriously. There is no negative side to adorable toys doing cute things around the house. Make them toy cars and it just gets that much better. So, yeah. Thanks, Hyundai USA. We appreciate it.

The tiny Santa Fe has been very busy

This Memorial Day post came right after my last writing about this Instagram phenomenon. From the nostalgic plastic baby pool to the sand that makes us wish we were at the beach, this fun scene shows the toy people having some fun in the sun. And the toy Hyundai Santa Fe obviously had no issue driving in the sand to park conveniently beside the activity. 

Because even famous Instagram toys need a movie night

Celebrity life can be tough. Just ask the little toy family that has earned thousands of likes for each Instagram post. It is stressful to be in the spotlight. So sometimes you just need to take it down a notch and stay in with the family for a movie night. And what would movie night be without a Hyundai Santa model car?

This tablet movie screen gives the toy Hyundai Santa Fe and its family the drive-in experience. If you’re cute and tiny enough to sit on top of a piece of candy or get lost in a bowl of popcorn, then you’re also tiny enough to enjoy a screen like this, big time. The ever-faithful little Hyundai SUV hangs out with the fam and settles in for a showing of whatever movie it took everyone at least an hour to agree on.

The Hyundai Santa Fe’s celebrity-status fish tank

Families love fish tanks, but very few can afford (nor do they want to maintain) a fish tank of public aquarium proportions in their homes. The Hyundai Sante had to have it, though. It sits cutely and quietly in the background watching its toy family enjoy the exhibit.

See? Things are so great when you are a tiny family who owns a Hyundai Santa Fe. Maybe they are great when you are a regular-sized family who owns a Hyundai Santa Fe, too. The amount of likes these posts get is anything but shocking. We like it, too.

The Hyundai Santa Fe is miniature cuteness on Instagram

A customer looks at a Hyundai Santa Fe SUV
A customer looks at a Hyundai Santa Fe SUV | SeongJoon Cho/Bloomberg via Getty Images

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Instagram has the potential to allow its users to be creative. Though model cars are nothing new, this take on auto industry advertising is fresh and different. And, frankly, really difficult not to love. Hopefully, the life-size Santa Fe is also easy to love.