The Honda X-Blade Is a Traffic Carver We Wish We Could Have

The Honda X-Blade isn’t the newest sport bike to come from the manufacturer, although it sure looks like one. Actually, the X-Blade the latest, and most aggressive looking, 160cc scooter that is gracing the crowded streets of India. And while it would likely do well as a proper motorcycle, we think that it works well as a traffic-carving scooter, especially for a busy area like New Delhi. We’re just jealous because we won’t be getting it here in the U.S.

The Honda X-Blade is smooth and agile

We know what you might be thinking; the X-Blade looks fast but rides slow. And in some ways, you would be right, however, take into consideration that it can get up to 60 mph in around 7.7 seconds, which is fast enough for a scooter that’s mainly meant for metropolitan commuting as opposed to burning up the local highway. Speaking of power, the X-Blade is powered by a 162cc, four-stroke engine puts out around 13 horsepower and 10 lb-ft of torque and is mated to a five-speed manual transmission.

According to the folks at, the Honda X-Blade’s engine “pulls cleanly from 4,000 rpm,” but after 6,500 rpm, some vibrations through the handlebars and footpegs can be felt. However, they said the bike does sound amazing after 6,000 rpm, keeping in mind that you can rev out to 8,000. Honda has always specialized in high-revving engines in all of its platforms, after all. The bike handles well, too, as it’s 308-pound curb weight makes it easy to maneuver through rough spots in traffic, which is what this machine was made to do.

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Honda X-Blade in red
Honda X-Blade in Red | Honda India

Other Honda X-Blade features

honda xblade roboface lamp
Honda X-Blade Robo-face Headlamp | Honda India

While we only get Honda scooters like the ADV150 and PCX150 here in the states, both of which look like normal scooters, the Honda scooter selection in India is a little more exciting. Alongside the X-Blade are the Unicorn 160 and CB Hornet 160R, both of which look like they belong on the cover of a motorcycle magazine. So we can see why Honda released the X-Blade; it’s sporty looking, comfortable to ride, and powerful enough for the daily commute. But aside from the engine, the X-Blade features some capable suspension and functional aesthetics as well.

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Unlike many Honda products, which share a lot of same parts as their stablemates, the X-Blade was given its own body parts, which include the side panels, fuel tank, and headlamp. We admit, the overall design is interesting and we definitely like it. Sitting front and center is what Honda calls the “Robo-lamp” headlight, which looks like something that Iron Man would likely wear on his helmet, and outback is a T-shaped tail light that gives the bike a little more LED character.

Underneath the faux carbon and painted panels, the X-Blade’s frame is suspended by a mono-tube shock in the rear as well as 33 mm telescopic forks upfront, which bring some stiffness to the overall ride characteristics of the bike without busting your kidneys, according to When it comes to stopping, the X-Blade relies on a 276mm disc brake up front and 130mm drum in the rear, although a 220mm rear disc brake is also available.

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If only we could get it here

Does the Honda X-Blade sound impressive? Maybe not to the avid rider, however, we’re sure that some urban commuters that sit in stop-and-go traffic on a daily basis could put it good use here in the U.S. Instead, we’re stuck with either a Ruckus or Fireblade or perhaps something in between.