The Honda Ridgeline Tried Off-Roading and Surprised Everyone

The Honda Ridgeline is an easy truck to make fun of. Those Ford and Chevy drivers claim that it’s not a real truck and can’t go off-roading. However, when given a chance, the Honda Ridgeline proved its ability to forge through streams, power through mud, and climb over rocks. 

The Honda Ridgeline Went Off-Roading 

The speculation that the Honda Ridgeline isn’t a cable off-roading truck may come from the fact that it has a unibody construction. It’s known for handling more like a car. You don’t want to hear the word ‘car’ when considering a beefy truck for off-roading and other truck stuff. 

2019 Honda Ridgeline off-roading through stream
2019 Honda Ridgeline | Honda

Also, the Honda Ridgeline has all-wheel-drive instead of four-wheel-drive. Obviously, truck people prefer 4×4 for it’s proven ability to get people unstuck. However, those who own Honda Ridgelines love them and stand by them 100% because the off-roading abilities and truck power are better than expected. 

Honda Ridgeline Off-Roading Features 

The 2020 Honda Ridgeline has a new 20:1 crawl ratio to become more capable than previous models. It can now climb steeper grades at a quicker pace. The Honda AWD system iVTM4 or intelligent Variable Torque Management system sends torque to the outside rear wheel to act as a locked rear differential. 

For climbing over obstacles, the Honda Ridgeline has a ground clearance of 7.28”. It also has a 20.1-degree approach angle, 19.6 degrees break-over angle, and 22.1-degree departure angle. A Macpherson independent suspension is in the front, and you’ll find a multi-link suspension in the rear. Plus, a stabilizer bar is in the front and rear. 

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The Ridgeline also has a dual-clutch with driving modes for snow, mud, and sand to help improve throttle sensitivity, traction, and stability control. Also, it has a fully independent suspension that provides a smooth ride on the pavement. 

Honda Ridgeline Off-Roading Performance 

When testing the wheel spin in different driving modes, the snow and mud modes required less throttle as expected. The Ridgeline also allowed for more spin in the sand mode before the brakes kicked in. 

But on a hill with a 70% grade with the traction control turned off, the clutch failed to transfer enough power from side to side and presented an overheating warning. However, the silver lining to this test includes the fact that the Honda Ridgeline is smart enough to provide warnings before you get into trouble, and the traction control can be fully turned off. 

The ride seems to be quiet and comfortable with the occasional bump, depending on how rough the terrain is. It’s spacious enough to seat five adults so that you can bring your friends along on your adventure. Plus, the lockable in-bed trunk is water-resistant. Use it to store wet, muddy gear, or fill it with ice and use it as a cooler. 

2020 Honda Ridgeline towing a boat through sand
2020 Honda Ridgeline

Plus, the Honda Ridgeline has an 8” infotainment center with the ability to connect to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto with Bluetooth speakers in the truck bed. So during your adventure in this comfortable and capable truck, you can enjoy your favorite jams. The Honda Ridgeline may not climb up vertical walls like the Ford Raptor, but it can prove itself off the beaten path.