The Honda Fireblade SP Is Delayed and Taking Forever

The new 2021 Honda Fireblade CBR1000 RR-R SP was originally set to release this summer. But this sport bike is delayed until at least this fall, now. Those who are waiting to get in the saddle of a new Honda Fireblade will have to wait. Will the first time this bike sees US soil be worth the wait?

We learned earlier this summer that the release of the Honda Fireblade is delayed. Ride Apart wrote of the delay: “RoadRacing World spoke with American Honda Motorcycle Press Relations On-Road Media Coordinator Colin Miller who commented that the manufacturer initially expected the new model to arrive in the U.S. sometime in July but that the timeline had to be reworked.” So what does that really mean for us who are waiting eagerly for the American release of this Honda superbike?   

When will the Fireblade come to America?

The Honda Fireblade just hit the Australian market, according to MC News Australia. The folks over there are pretty stoked about it, too. With all its Honda Racing roots and inspiration, it’s one of the fastest most dynamic superbikes in the world.

With a ton of high tech additions from the MotoGP winning RC213V, it’s a racing bike ready for the road. But when will it come to the US? We are waiting, and patience is beginning to wane. ‘Tis the season for motorcycle riding, and Americans want this machine before the cold moves in and bikes are put in the garage.

a red, white, and blue CBR1000RR-R sport bike racing down the street
2021 Fireblade SP | Honda Powersports

According to Ride Apart, we have to have till at least September. The source, American Honda Motorcycle Press Relations On-Road Media Coordinator Colin Miller, says that the delay is brought on by some supply-chain hiccups. Considering the ongoing pandemic, this is hardly a surprise. Honda shut down some worldwide manufacturing facilities because of the lockdown. But suppliers also had to shut down production, slowing things way down.

To make matters increasingly complicated, the new Honda Fireblade SP CBR1000 RR-R doesn’t share parts with Honda’s other CBR models. These delays mean a wait until this fall. Surely this delay will affect many American buyers.

How much is the 2021 Honda Fireblade?

It’s hardly a secret that this is one of the most pricey motorcycles out there. According to, the Honda Fireblade is will be priced for US markets at nearly $30 grand. $28,500 to be exact. This CBR1000 RR-R is the New Honda Fireblade SP, and it’s probably worth the extra change.

It’s completely updated and modified. Race tuned and ready for the track, this sport bike is everything but a real sponsorship. Though we have to say that, with a price tag like this, a sponsorship is looking pretty nice right about now.

a front view image of a red, white, and blue Honda Fireblade sport bike
2021 Honda Fireblade SP | Honda Powersports

Honda Fireblade vs. Suzuki Hayabusa

Is it worth the wait?

Other sport bikes like the Ducati Panigale V4 or the Suzuki Hayabusa are also super fast and they love to race. But for those who truly appreciate Honda engineering, it’s probably worth it. For bikes like these, brand loyalty has a lot to do with why buyers choose one sport bike over another. Either way, we can’t wait to ride it.