The Honda Civic Si Won’t Be Coming Back in 2021

Since its introduction, the Honda Civic Si has played a vital role in Honda’s overall lineup. Throughout most of the generations, buyers have been able to opt between a sedan, coupe, or hatchback form factor. For the 10th generation of the Civic Si, Honda took a bit of an unusual approach, only offering it as a Coupe or Sedan. Hatchback lovers were left to pick between a Civic hatchback in sport trim or go to the top with the bonkers Civic Type R. For 2021; the options get even slimmer with the disappearance of both the coupe and sedan variants.

The sedan significantly outsells the coupe

The Honda Civic Si is an affordable sportscar for the masses.
Honda Civic Si Coupe | Honda

The Honda Civic Si’s demise follows an overall drop in sales of the Civic Coupe. In 2016, Honda claimed the Coupe variant accounted for 16% of all Civic sales as reported by Car & Driver. Flash forward to 2020, and the coupe manages just 6% of sales compared to the sedan. As a result, Honda has taken an ax to the regular Civic coupe and the subsequent two-door Si.

The sedan seems to be in much better standing, with sales holding steady throughout the years. Although Honda did not specify, the lack of mention of the hatchback model should mean that the model is selling well. In terms of the Si sedan, it also won’t be coming into 2021, despite Honda carrying over the Civic Type R as a 2021 model.

Honda is close to selling all of the remaining Civic Si’s

The Honda Civic Si is an affordable sportscar for the masses.
Honda Civic Si Coupe | Honda

Fans of the Honda Civic Si will have to move quickly if they hope to buy one before they sell out. CarsDirect reported that Honda has been trying its absolute hardest to push the remaining Si’s out the door. In July, the automaker offered aggressive incentives, which saw a decent bump in sales. The result was that in some cases, the sporty coupe was cheaper to own than a Toyota Corolla.

Taking a look at the national inventory only further outlines the lack of availability. At a national level, there are about 22,000 Honda Civic’s available for sale, counting all of the body styles. In contrast, there are less than 600 Si’s left available, just 3% of the overall Civic inventory figure. As production for the model will soon come to a halt, finding an Si will become increasingly difficult.

Will Honda ever bring it back?

A close up image of the Honda logo.
Honda Logo | Ramon Costa/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

3 Reasons Owning a Honda Civic Si Will Change Your Life

Although the Honda Civic Si won’t be around for 2021, it will most likely make a comeback in 2022. The life cycle of the 10th generation Honda Civic is about to come to an end. In 2022, we should see the arrival of an all-new 11th generation in both sedan and hatchback forms. As a result, the Si sedan will most likely return, unlike the coupe. Although it has yet to be officially confirmed, strong sales for the sedan overall should be a saving grace for the sporty variant.

If anything, we may see the resurgence of the Si hatchback. While Honda has been turning away from the Si coupe, it has been spending tons of time and money on the Civic Type R. This development could quickly trickle down into an Si hatchback. Given the hatchbacks’ overall sales success, it wouldn’t be challenging to make a case for it from a financial standpoint. Regardless, the iconic Civic Si coupe won’t be along for the ride.