The Happier Camper Traveler Is the Perfect Retro Small Travel Trailer

When shopping for a travel trailer, starting small can give you a better understanding of your camping must-haves without breaking the bank. A small camper allows for the convenience needed when dealing with limited parking space without giving up the modern amenities you desire.

One of the most popular manufacturers of small travel trailers is Happier Camper. The company is known for its retro-style campers, specifically the HC1 model. Happier Camper recently introduced a more spacious model in its 2020 lineup of fiberglass campers: the Traveler. Its modern features, retro styling, and flexible interior layouts have put the Traveler on Camper Report’s list of the best small travel trailers.

Why the Traveler is the ideal small camper

Camper Report ranked the Happier Camper Traveler one of the best small travel trailers of 2021 for its retro vibe and ability to take your adventure off-road.

The small travel trailer’s length and weight make it towable by most standard cars, SUVs, minivans, and trucks. With a length of 17 feet, the Traveler’s size may be small, but it packs plenty of features and specs that make it the perfect travel trailer for first-time and lifetime campers alike.

The new lifted package allows for the Traveler to go off-road for off-the-grid adventure seekers. Five panoramic windows allow stunning views from inside when you arrive at your scenic destination. The small camper’s two living spaces also allow for complete customization to create a space that fits your needs. The durable 100% fiberglass construction and high-quality components make the Traveler a top pick among small travel trailers in 2021. 

Get retro styling with modern features 

The 2020 Traveler pairs retro styling with modern amenities. The retro design is a big perk that adds charm and nostalgia to this small travel trailer.

Plus, the Happier Camper Traveler comes with a full kitchenette and bathroom for modern conveniences in your home away from home. The bathroom can be used as a dry-flush toilet or can be plumbed with black-tank options to create the level of luxury you desire for your camping experience. The 17-gallon fresh- and gray-water tanks make your camping trip convenient without compromising the comforts of home.

The all-season insulation makes this camper ideal for full-timers or adventure lovers who crave cold-weather camping. It’s also equipped with solar prep for those seeking a full off-the-grid experience. 

The customizable interior offers two living spaces that can be arranged to fit your needs, such as dining, office, bedroom, or lounging spaces. The lightweight pieces can be stacked, rearranged, and used as storage or indoor-outdoor furniture. The retro look takes you back in time, but the modern upgrades ensure you enjoy modern conveniences. 

Happier Camper offers four packages for the Traveler


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The Happier Camper Traveler comes in four options: Base, Starter, Comfort, and Premium. These packages allow you to choose the Traveler that fits your camping needs and budget.

The Base model doesn’t come with modular components, but it’s great if you want a blank canvas for building your own small travel trailer.

The Starter package includes the modular cubes, cushions, and floor panels needed to get started on your adventure.

With the Comfort model, you get double the cubes plus a full bathroom and solar without an inverter.

And the Premium package is the ultimate glamper’s paradise. It boasts full solar options, a crank-out awning, modular cubes, a full-size mattress topper, and patio bases.