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Genesis isn’t exactly a well-known luxury brand. Sure, it’s still new to the auto world, but it’s failed to gain some much-needed traction to help it compete with the major automakers like BMW and Cadillac.

That might be about to change, however. The GV80 might be exactly what Genesis needs to make the leap into the big leagues and make Genesis a true luxury brand.

Genesis has had a rough start

Many Americans haven’t heard of Genesis, even though it’s a luxury automaker. There are still a lot of questions about whether it’s a true luxury automaker, and some are wondering if it’s worth it to invest any of your hard-earned money into this new automaker.

Genesis is the luxury brand launched by Hyundai in 2017. Like Hyundai, it’s had a bit of a rough start getting off the ground, and many consumers view Genesis as one of the lower-ranking automakers in an already crowded field.

This isn’t because of a lack of quality or horrendous looking vehicles. That’s the exact opposite of the truth, in face. Genesis currently has three sedan models, the G70, the G80, and G90, that has made more than one owner very happy.

The sad truth is that sedans just aren’t selling that well in America at the moment. More than one automaker has made the decision to cut its sedan lineup completely, so Genesis may have made a judgment in error by rolling out with three sedans.

There’s hope yet for Genesis, however. According to Popular Mechanics, an SUV is on the way, and it’s one of the most anticipated vehicles of 2021.

The GV80 could save Genesis

In real life, there aren’t many do-overs, but Genesis may have just found a way. With the release of the GV80, Genesis is attempting to show American consumers that it knows what they want, and it can deliver in style.

The GV80 comes out swinging with two engine options. There is the standard 2.5-liter, turbocharged, four-cylinder generating 300 hp or a 375 hp, 3.5-liter, twin-turbo V6 engine that gets more power. Both are more than capable and deliver on efficiency.

It’s also shockingly quiet. Popular Mechanics claimed, “The GV80 uses microphones embedded in each wheel well to detect highway tire roar, and silence it by half, making the cabin up to three decibels quieter.”

For those who love up to date tech, there is plenty of that as well. The infotainment system is sleek and easy to use.

The leather interior is another welcoming touch, which is all the more anticipated with a third-row option. Given the fact that many Americans are looking for vehicles that are more refined while giving them plenty of room, the GV80 is ticking all the right boxes.

The most important part of the GV80 that will endear it to Americans, however, is the affordable starting price. Rather than slapping a huge price tag on it that proclaims only the elite can afford it, Genesis is offering the GV80 for a starting price of $48,900. It’s a highly intelligent move that proves Genesis is ready to play in the big leagues.

Will Americans finally take notice of Genesis?

If there is one thing that can get the attention of Americans, it’s a nice SUV. That seems to be the current major craze, after all. 

Still, will Americans care, or will they continue to go with the tried and true? There is one vehicle that proves being new isn’t always a bad thing.

The popularity of the Kia Telluride tends to lean in the favor of the GV80. It came out of nowhere and is currently so popular dealerships can’t keep it on the lot.

Only time will tell if the GV80 will gain the same attention of the Telluride, however. If it sells the way Hyundai hopes, Genesis might just become one of the most popular luxury automakers in the States. If not, Genesis will have to find another way to win the affection and purse strings of Americans.


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