The Golden Thunder BMW 8 Series Takes “Bling” to a New Level

Over the years, automakers have come up with the most interesting “special editions” for their cars, but BMW has likely taken the cake with its new Golden Thunder 8 Series. No, that’s not a lame B-movie title – although it would probably make a good one – that is the actual name for the car. And by the looks of it, the Golden Thunder 8 Series takes the word “bling” to a whole new level.

The Golden Thunder 8 Series looks like it’s from the 70s

front shot of golden thunder 8 series
Golden Thunder 8 Series | BMW

We have heard of some interesting special-edition monikers over the years, one of the best being Volkswagen’s “Thunder Bunny” series for the 2007 GTI, but BMW’s new 8 Series outclasses that one. The Golden Thunder 8 Series reminds us of an old 1978 Pontiac Trans Am, so much so, that BMW probably should have put some kind of bird graphic on the hood, but we digress.

All jokes aside, the Golden Thunder package spruces up the 8 Series via gold accents on the body and mirror caps that contrast well against the car’s Frozen Black Metallic or Sapphire Black exterior color. Complementing the overall makeup is a set of 20-inch Y-spoke wheels that also finished in gold and sit in front of black painted calipers. But the gold doesn’t stop there, the rear spoiler lip on the trunk lid is also painted gold, as is the rear bumper trim. To the right buyer, we’re sure it looks as classy as shag carpet and floral wallpaper.

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rear shot of golden thunder 8 series
Golden Thunder 8 Series | BMW

Regardless, it’s still a BMW 8 Series

interior shot of golden thunder 8 series
Golden Thunder 8 Series | BMW

Luckily, there isn’t any shag carpet on the interior of the car, however, there is more gold trim. The interior is adorned in black leather, however, the headrests on the seats are embroidered with the words “Edition Golden Thunder.” It’s an interesting display of words, but at least they got the gold aluminum trim on the center console right.

Otherwise, this special edition 8 Series has the same setup as the standard production model, which means it still has the same 3.0-liter, twin-turbocharged, six-cylinder engine and all of the luxurious amenities you would expect from BMW’s largest coupe. For those that might be wondering, the 8 Series puts out 335 horsepower and 368 lb-ft of torque, however, buyers can also opt for the larger M850i with a twin-turbo V8 that produces 523 horsepower. Although, performance isn’t the only aspect of this luxury coupe as Car and Driver found that it had a “supremely quiet ride and surprising athleticism.”

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seats shot of golden thunder 8 series
Golden Thunder 8 Series | BMW

The U.S. won’t be hearing the thunder

In case you’re drooling over the pictures of the Golden Thunder 8 Series, we advise you to grab a tissue as this special edition sadly won’t be gracing the U.S. shores. If it’s any consolation, the countries that are going to receive it are going to be limited to 200 copies of the Golden Thunder 8 Series, which means that the unlucky souls that don’t get to have one will get to buy a standard BMW 8 Series and go crazy with the gold Plasti Dip paint.