The Ford or Chevy Battle Won’t End Anytime Soon

One thing that stands the test of time: people have strong opinions about Ford and Chevrolet, and which one outranks the other. Fans of each automaker have been at war with one another for what seems like forever, and no amount of facts and figures can sway one to the other. What is it about Chevy that makes Ford drivers cringe? And what is it about Ford that makes Chevy fans irate? 

While we can’t know for sure, it’s clear that each opinion has a passion behind it. And with new improvements coming along each year, it doesn’t look like the battle of the brands will be over anytime soon. 

Ford or Chevy: What Ford does right

U.S. News recently conducted a study looking at the differences between Ford and Chevrolet vehicles: what makes them tick, what models compare well with each other, and where each manufacturer shines. The comparisons between Ford and Chevy have been endless over the years, but this study aimed to look at their specific strengths and weaknesses, with no apparent biases. All of their rankings came from U.S. News’ reviews. 

For cars, Ford defeated Chevy in the midsize, sports car, and hybrid/electric categories. Thanks to the Ford Mustang for putting the automaker on top in the sports car category, it’s tough to beat with the new Mach-E. In the SUV class, Ford beat Chevy in compact SUVs, large SUVs, and hybrid/electric SUVs. The Ford Expedition, in particular, grabbed their attention over the Chevy Tahoe.

Finally, looking at the trucks, Ford beat Chevy in both the compact truck category and the full-size truck category — which is not entirely surprising. The Ford F-150 has been the best-selling vehicle for over 40 years. While the Silverado has plenty of strong points, you can’t argue with Ford’s sales figures.

Ford or Chevy: What Chevy does right

Chevrolet has plenty of things going right for them. They beat Ford with their small cars, large cars, and luxury sports cars in the car category. For its luxury sports car, the Chevrolet Corvette has been a fan favorite for decades and can easily be compared to brands like Lamborghini. Chevy outranked Ford in the subcompact and midsize categories for SUVs, showing that it has got the small options down.

For the pickup trucks, however, Chevy outranked Ford in neither the compact nor the full-size category. While Chevy makes durable trucks that drivers are passionate about and loyal to, they didn’t rank higher than Ford’s options like the Ranger and the F-150. 

Ford or Chevy: Who comes out on top?

In this study, the clear winner was Ford. The long-standing auto manufacturer took the lead in 8 out of 13 categories, with Chevy only taking 5. Overall, the highest-rated model was the Ford F-150, underlining that it’s been the most popular vehicle for so long with good reason. Another thing to note is that Ford won in both the SUV and truck categories, where most consumers are spending their money today. Ford certainly has things figured out.

Comparisons like this are the most accurate way to debate Ford vs. Chevy. By looking at each vehicle category, you can focus on what type of vehicle you’re interested in and sort out which is the best option. It all depends on what you’re looking for when deciding between the two brands. Chevy might be the better option for cars, but Ford may be the better option for SUVs and trucks. Potential buyers will only take home what works out be.

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