The Ford F-250 Platinum Is One of the Most Expensive Trucks You Can Buy

The Ford F-250 comes in a few different packages. The Platinum is the top of the line, most luxurious heavy-duty super-truck level you can get. While the basic trim levels offer a handful of features, the starting prices are within a competitive range of around $40,000. If you want to add more features to it, the price will rise very quickly.

The Platinum trim level brings around $80,000 and up, depending on which specs you opt for in your truck. This makes it one of the most expensive pickups out there, available for purchase. The question, most people ask, is whether the price is worth it. Here, we’ll look at what the Platinum offers you and discuss whether they warrant spending the high price for them. But also don’t forget to check out our friend Doug DeMuro’s video review.

Exterior Features

The first thing you’ll notice with this truck is the size. Ford built the frame to measure 22.2 feet long from front to back. They made the wheelbase, itself, to measure a whopping 177 inches or just over 14 feet. It needed to accommodate the gigantic cab and give it ample support to allow it to tow up to 18,000 lbs. But, that’s not the only feature that comes in a super-size appearance. The side mirrors are also huge as well as the headlights and the inside wheel wells.

The F-250 Platinum has a power liftgate. While that alone isn’t anything special, the fact that the rear gate has a surprise element is. To climb up into the bed of a massive truck, Ford has installed a step and railing bar inside the gate. All you need to do is slide it in and out, as needed. Another cool feature, you don’t often see, is the automatic running boards on the sides that will pull out and detract as you get in and out of the truck.

Interior features of the Platinum trim level

Because Ford built a huge cab on this pickup, the cabin space is more than you could ever need. You won’t feel cramped sitting in here, no matter if you’re in the front seats or the back. To make the rear passengers even more comfortable, Ford also installed heated seats in the back as well as the front. Also, the driver and front passenger has seats with a massaging feature as well.

One of the best things you’ll find in the interior is the plethora of storage space available. You can store items in the doors, the glove compartments, and in several areas of the center console. The dashboard information center is another cool feature that this truck has. Besides the normal driving information, you have a turbo boost gauge and an off-road incline meter. You’ll also see the truck’s fuel economy display, even though the government doesn’t rate the huge, heavy-duty vehicles. For backing up, you’ll find the camera, with this pickup, has a 360-degree top-down overhead view, so you can easily back a long trailer into a challenging spot.

Is the Ford F-250 Platinum worth the money?

Whether it’s worth the money, depends on what you plan to use it for. They built this pickup for towing heavy-duty hauls, not for everyday driving. It has some really nice bells and whistles, but they come at a price. The pickup drives much like a monster truck would on an exhibition track, but there’s not much speedy performance in it for driving back and forth in the city. If you need to haul heavy-duty cargo, the F-250 Platinum will perform exactly as it should for the occasion.

To power it, Ford dropped in a 6.7-liter turbo-diesel V8 engine that runs about 440 hp with 925 lbs.-ft of torque. Doug DeMuro, in his YouTube video of the 2017 F-250, reported that the acceleration for this motor isn’t anything impressive. However, it runs smoothly enough that you don’t notice you’re driving a diesel. The noise level is far less in this pickup than it would be in older types of diesel vehicles or the commercial trucks on the road today.

Buying an expensive truck, like this one, might be worth it if you’re planning to use it for a lot of hauling, and could use all the extra fancy features you would get. For more recreational driving, however, this truck would, by far, be way overpriced. There are plenty of pickup trucks available, with a decent amount of luxury features that you could get for far less than this one if you’re in the market for a fun truck to drive.