The Ford F-150 Is Surprisingly Not the Most Comfortable Truck You Can Buy

For truck shoppers, high towing and hauling capacities are often the most important things to consider. Trucks like the Ford F-150 are capable of towing over 13,000 pounds with the right equipment. U.S. News also reports that the Ford F-150 pickup is one of the most comfortable trucks you can buy.

A comfortable truck is important, especially if you have to spend long hours going between job sites. However, the Ford F-150 was beaten by one rival in terms of comfort: the Ram 1500. Which truck is best for lovers of creature comforts?

How comfortable is the Ford F-150?

The cheapest trims of the Ford F-150 are quite basic, but higher trims have plenty of nice options. Leather and vinyl upholstery are available, which provide more comfort and support than the cloth seats. The front seats can be heated, ventilated, and some trims feature a massaging function. The steering wheel can also be heated, as well as the back seats.

The second row on the crew cab is wide and has plenty of legroom for adults. The SuperCab is slightly smaller, but can still reasonably accommodate three tall passengers. The truck has a high step-in height, but running boards are available to make this less of a hassle.

However, the Ford F-150’s ride quality isn’t as nice as some of its rivals. The truck feels wobbly even on smooth roads, and bumps send vibrations throughout the interior. Still, at least the F-150 is well-insulated, so no road or wind noise disturbs its riders.

You’ll want to get a higher trim if you want the nicest technology. The F-150 Lariat comes with a premium Bang & Olufsen sound system plus built-in navigation. Two different moonroofs are available depending on the trim. Some nice wood accents are also available to give the cabin an air of luxury.

Why the Ram 1500 is cozier

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The Ram 1500 has several more optional luxury cabin materials than the Ford F-150. The fanciest trims have metal and wood trim for the dash, along with plush cloth door inserts. Seating comfort options are the same as the ones inside the F-150, except for the massaging front seats.

However, the Ram 1500 has more passenger space in its crew cab model compared to the Ford F-150. Passengers of all sizes will have no problems getting comfortable in the backseat. The driver’s seat is also very spacious and comfortable, with great visibility from all angles.

The Ram 1500 also has some classy infotainment offerings, including a massive 12-inch touchscreen in higher trims. This pickup can also have a premium 19-speaker stereo system, a moonroof, and a Wi-Fi hotspot. Running out of power won’t be a problem thanks to several USB ports, wireless charging, and two traditional power outlets.

When it comes to ride quality, the Ram 1500 is unmatched among full-size trucks. This is due to its optional air suspension, plus the coil springs on all models. Almost every bump is absorbed with no fanfare and the whole interior is whisper-quiet.

The Ford F-150 succeeds in other categories

The Ram 1500 may be the most comfortable truck, but it has other shortcomings. Its maximum towing capacity is almost 500 pounds less than the Ford F-150’s. It can haul up to 2,300 pounds, while the F-150’s payload capacity is over 3,000 pounds.

The off-roading Ford F-150 Raptor is also more rough-ready than the Ram 1500 Rebel. It comes with standard four-wheel-drive, huge tires, Fox shocks, a torque-on-demand transfer case, and several specialized terrain drive modes. The Ford F-150’s interior isn’t the height of luxury, but it’s still a highly capable truck overall.