The Ford Excursion Might Not Be so Dead After-All

In 1993 Jeep launched the Grand Cherokee model. Its launch was the spark the industry received that ignited the SUV craze of the 1990s. At that time, gas was inexpensive, and the economy was stable enough that people started purchasing every available SUV as quickly as the industry could produce them. In fact, it seemed like each manufacturer was trying to outdo each other in power and size year after year. That’s when the Ford Excursion came in the picture. Although it’s been gone for a few years, now there’s hope that it may come back.

Lifted Excursion
Lifted Excursion for overlanding projects | Photo by Chris Cordes

A Super Duty is only the beginning

Unlike its smaller cousin the Ford Expedition, the Excursion was based on the Super Duty chassis that underpinned the F-250. It was introduced for the model year 2000 and ran through 2005 when it was dropped from the line-up. During its time on the market, it was the longest and heaviest SUV produced. The Excursion was also tall. Its height caused concern during crash testing. So, Ford installed an under-bumper crash bar in the front to keep cars from submarining under the vehicle. This was a tactic typically reserved for tractor-trailers prior to its introduction to the Excursion. In the rear, Ford made it mandatory that the vehicle came with a trailer hitch. This would also keep other vehicles from submarining under the Excursion as well.

Size matters

The Ford Excursion was huge. It was humorously called, a cave-on-wheels, because with the third bench seat it could seat up to 9 people and still have room for equipment or gear. This love of interior space made the Excursion the ideal candidate for limousine service, and overlanding conversions. Those services would quickly convert them either into luxury travel vehicles, small party busses, or mobile, off-grid, outdoor living beasts.

It might be coming back

This brings us to the news that Ford recently filed for a renewal of the Excursion trademark. According to multiple sources, on April 24, Ford submitted the application to the United States Trademark and Patent office. Normally, this would be seen as Ford’s attempt to protect the Excursion’s name from being used by other manufacturers.

There is another thought, however. That is that General Motors recently announced the return of multiple Hummers under the GMC banner. The new Hummers will be an all-electric pickup and SUV. We also know that Jeep is bringing back the Grand Wagoneer SUV. With these things in mind, is it conceivable that Ford will bring the Excursion back? If so, will the big beast go all-electric in a toe-to-toe battle with the new GMC Hummer?. The market for such animals is small. However, the temptation may prove to be too large for Ford to ignore.

It is starting to become a very interesting future for the large SUV market. A GMC Hummer, the Jeep Grand Wagoneer, a possible Ford Excursion, all could be joining the market in the very near future. That market already contains slightly smaller offerings like the Suburban, Escalade, and Sequoia. So far, all of them are confirmed for production, except for the Ford Excursion. So, we will have to wait and see how this story develops.