The Ford Bronco Model You Need to Avoid

The 2021 Ford Bronco is here, but not every model is considered to be a great option. Based on Ford engines’ dependability, we have some insider tips about which Ford Bronco trim needs to be avoided. 

The worst Ford Bronco option 

According to Scotty Kilmer, or Savage Scotty, who reviews a lot of vehicles, you need to avoid the four-cylinder engine with the Ford Bronco. In his experience, six-cylinder engines last much longer than turbocharged four-cylinder engines. 

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Scotty references some people who bought the Ford Explorer with the four-cylinder turbocharged engine, and they seem to have a lot of issues. Apparently, the problems occur before the vehicles reach 100k miles, and the drivers take care of their vehicles. They change the oil regularly instead of neglecting maintenance schedules. 

It’s a safe bet that in the new Ford Bronco, people will run it hard and hit the gas, which could cause the engine to wear out faster. It’s difficult for a smaller engine to hold up in a larger vehicle. 

2020 two-door Ford Bronco off-roading
Ford Bronco Two-Door | Ford

Also, you want to avoid the smaller engine options if you plan on towing things. You’ll get a better gas mileage with the V6 engine because it won’t be as strained as the four-cylinder option while hauling loads. 

Is this true about the Ford Explorer? 

Don’t worry about watching the rest of the video, Scotty starts to ramble about various vehicles and issues. However, we put our detective hats on to see if his information about Ford engines can be validated. 

The new 2020 Ford Explorer SUV is revealed at Ford Field on January 9, 2019 in Detroit, Michigan
The 2020 Ford Explorer | Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

Scotty didn’t mention which model year Ford Explorers have engine issues, so we went to CarComplaints, where drivers can report issues with their vehicles. The 2016 Ford Explorer has 432 engine problems listed. 

People face vibrating engines, engine failure around 92k miles, surging at low speeds, random loss of power, and more. Six-cylinder engines are also noted for being more efficient for moving larger vehicles, the better choice for longer drives, and better for towing. 

What is the best Ford Bronco? 

Now that we know to avoid the four-cylinder Ford Bronco, which trim option is the best? For the answer to this question, you need to consider your vehicle needs. Do you want the larger four-door For Bronco to fit your family? 

A yellow 2021 Ford Bronco Sport with a roof rack and bump guard travel a dirt road.
2021 Ford Bronco Sport Trail Rig. For adventurers looking to elevate their off-road trekking in a small, rugged 4×4. | Ford Motor Company

Do you want to go off and adventure with the two-door Ford Bronco, or do you like the compact Ford Bronco Sport? But if you go with a more substantial option, be sure to select the 2.7-liter V6 engine. You’ll have to be OK with the 10-speed automatic, though, because the seven-speed manual is currently only offered with the turbo-four.

The base model and the Big Bend trims are considered cheaper options, but still, come off-road ready. Also, the Outer Banks trim is the sportier and more luxurious option. Then the first enhanced off raiding trim is the Black Diamond, with a more rugged look, steel bumpers, skid plates, and more. 

A black 2-door 2021 Ford Bronco with its doors and roof removed scrambles up a rocky incline on the Rubicon Trail
2021 Ford Bronco on the Rubicon Trail | Bronco6G via Twitter

The Ford Bronco Wildtrak is the desert racing off-roading trim that critics suggest will turn into the Ford Bronco Raptor later. The Badlands Bronco is the best off-roading trim that can be enhanced with the Sasquatch off-roading package. If you would like to save, consider the off-roading Big Bend trim with a few optional grades.