The Ford Bronco Gained a Feature it Should’ve Already Had

We know it’s getting a little difficult to keep up with all of the new Ford Bronco model updates and new options. But this time, the Bronco is finally catching up with a feature it should have already had. The Ford Bronco soft top fastback is finally becoming a thing. 

The Ford Bronco Soft Top Fastback is coming 

According to the Driving Line, spy photos caught a two-door Ford Bronco model being tested with a removable fastback soft top. This could be a sneaky move to try and get Jeep Wrangler fans interested in the Bronco. 

The four-door Bronco has been available with a soft top, but it seemed to be an aftermarket option instead of a factory option. Also, the four-door soft top didn’t seem to be compatible with the two-door model. 

Pre-production Ford Bronco Soft Top Fastback
Pre-production Ford Bronco Soft Top Fastback | Driving Line

When the Bronco first made its debut, it was available with a standard three-piece hardtop on the two-door models and a standard soft top for the four-door models. Two different four-piece hardtop options are also available, and the Bronco races to catch up to the Wrangler. 

Why is the Soft Top Fastback Bronco important? 

The fastback soft top is basically a style that doesn’t include the full frame of a Jeep Wrangle or similar boxy SUV. So, instead of creating a full square design to the back of the 2021 Ford Bronco, the fastback has a diagonal bend. It makes SUVs look less boxy and can provide a preferred look for some fans. 

When it comes to the Wrangler, at least soft tops have their benefits. They are tough, durable, easy to clean, and easy to remove with the use of zippers. At least the factory soft top has no zippers. They also provide more space. 

The fastback provides a more aggressive look and minimizes window space. People won’t be able to see your valuables in the backseat. It’s not clear how the Ford Bronco fastback will be designed, but the Wrangler options do use zippers. 

When will we learn more about the Bronco Fastback? 

Ford hasn’t released many details about the fastback option yet. The model seen in the spy photos is a pre-production model. Even the tow hooks have just been spray painted yellow, meaning this Bronco wasn’t factory prepped. 

According to Motor 1, if you look at the construction of the roof, you can see that it has multiple parts that attach. It could be held together by a series of zippers. There is a support spar at the bottom of the B-Pillar. If you look at the seam on the back, it may be possible to remove the clear section for more airflow. 


Did the Ford Bronco Sport Copy the Jeep Renegade?

The pre-production Ford Bronco model also has a strange exhaust tip that extends further than the vehicle’s length. It’s just a puzzling feature that isn’t on the new versions of the Bronco, but it could be one of the 150+ aftermarket accessories that Ford has to offer. 

If you don’t like the fastback Bronco, then there is no problem. You can choose one of the many other roof options. For example, Bimini tops have mesh panels to protect passengers from the sun, and one hardtop option has a removable section over the front seat passengers while it protects cargo in the back.