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While Honda motorcycles might not have the same street cred as Harley-Davidson, the company has steadily carved out a nice niche for itself in the motorcycle world. The Honda Motor Company manufactured the first Honda motorcycle in 1949.

The bike was called “The Dream” and it became a launching board for the incredibly long and successful line of motorcycles the company currently manufactures. Today’s line up of Honda motorcycles includes every single type of motorcycle possible, including some that are a speed junkies dream ride.

Here are the fastest Honda motorcycles in the world.

Honda CBR1100XX Blackbird

The Blackbird isn’t just one of Honda’s fastest motorcycles, it’s also one of the fastest motorcycles in the world. It is capable of reaching speeds of 190 mph. The Blackbird was classified as a sport-touring bike. It was manufactured from 1997-2006. Used models are still highly sought after by motorcycle enthusiasts. 

Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade

The Fireblade isn’t just Honda’s 7th generation of CBR bikes, it’s also one of the fastest motorcycles Honda has designed. This machine can reach speeds of 186 mph. The 2019 Fireblade saw Honda update the electronics and redesign some of the control systems.

The result is that the 2019 Fireblade allows driver’s to maintain better control when making corners at higher speeds, and impressive 45% increase in the reaction time when shutting down the throttle, and improved braking force.

Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports

While it’s not as fast as the Fireblade or Blackbird, with a top speed of 125 mph, the Africa Twin Adventure Sports motorcycle doesn’t waste any time getting you where you want to go. The nice thing about the Africa Sports Adventure bike is that unlike most of Honda’s fast motorcycles which are built purely for speed, this model is designed to be both fast and comfortable.

This is a bike that you can take to both the local track and on extended road trips. The bike is designed to provide you with some protection from the weather. It has a large fuel tank so you don’t have to stop as frequently. Best of all, it is equipped with a great suspension system, which means you don’t feel every bump and crack on the road. You’re free to sit back and enjoy the ride.

Honda CRF450R

There are many variables that impact how fast the Honda CRF450R will go, including rider weight, road conditions, the tires, and terrain. Some riders who routinely race the Honda CRF450R report consistently hitting and maintaining 90 mph while others claim to have reached 100 mph.

Recent changes to the Honda CRF450R include push-button start, improved suspension, a lower center of gravity which improves the bike’s agility, and a lightweight lithium-ion battery. If speed is your main concern, the biggest change Honda made the to CRF450R was tinkering with the engine, which improved the bike’s ability to accelerate quickly and maintain a consistent top speed.

When it’s time to update your current Honda motorcycle with a new version, speed is just one of the things you want to consider. Are you looking for a bike that you’ll only use in speed competitions, or do you want something you can ride for fun as well?

Don’t forget to consider how well the bike handles, especially when it’s going flat out. Is the bike equipped with safety features? If you’re racing you want to make sure that in addition to the bike having a competitive top speed, that it’s capable of quickly accelerating and maintaining the speed. When all of these factors are considered, many speed racers ultimately find that they’re happier with a bike that moves a bit slower, but offers better agility and control.