The F-150 EV Is Anything But a Gimmick, Ford Says

As the maker of America’s best-selling pickup, Ford knows what enthusiasts expect from a work truck. Ford’s F-150  has always commanded respect for its toughness and efficiency. But what’s helped this truck remain successful is its emphasis on evolving. And from what we know now, the upcoming F-150 EV uniquely blends tradition and change.

The 2023 Ford F-150 EV could be everything we want in a pickup 

Ford F-150 EV hauling a train
Ford F-150 EV hauling a train | Ford

Ford knows that not all truck enthusiasts are thrilled about the growing trend of electrified pickups. But if anyone can win over traditional and non-traditional truck owners, it’s Ford. Instead of relying on schemes to make its F-150 EV more appealing, Ford is sticking with the basics.

The F-150 EV will boast more power and efficiency than any other version before it. Ford also says that ownership costs for its electrified pickup will be half that of the gas version. Executives at Ford say that it’s the practical nature of the F-150 EV that will make it a standout, not contrived schemes, as incoming CEO Jim Farley underlined. 

“Simply put, this isn’t a gimmick,” Farley said. “It’s a workhorse, not a show horse destined for a shiny garage filled with four other luxury cars.”

Ford CEO Jim Farley

Ford’s “gimmick-free” strategy takes a direct aim at competitors like the Tesla Cybertruck. For instance, the Cybertruck advertises “apocalyptic technology,” which sounds cool, but also far-fetched. The F-150 EV, on the other hand, has more of a real-world swag to it. 

Staying ahead of the competition 

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In a recent AutoNews report, Ford execs shared finding success with the all-electric F-150 is primarily based on its traditional truck buyers. Ford won’t begin production on the F-150 EV until 2022. This timeline provides the automaker two years to convince business operations to give its electrified pickup a chance. 

The 2023 F-150 EV will feature dual electric motors to generate more than 450-hp and 510 pound-feet of torque. Like the upcoming 2021 F-150 hybrid, the F-150 EV will have a vast front trunk and double as an electric generator. 

“This is a really breakthrough product for us for the capability itself,” Farley said.” It will bring energy and electrons to the job site. It’s so much more than a new-propulsion F-150. It’s ‘Built Ford Tough.’ That will make us different in this market.”


Besides the Cybertruck, Ford also faces stiff competition from the electric GMC Hummer pickup. Additionally, the trendy Rvian R1T is another one of Ford’s rivals. Ford previously invested in Rivian in 2019.  

What the F-150 EV will look like 

The teaser images of the F-150 EV's front grille.
2021 Ford F-150 EV teaser | Ford

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So far, Ford has only teased shots of the F-150 EV. The teasers indicate that the new truck will have a boxier grille. Ford says its EV will have a “distinct” look, but it won’t be too out there.

“The silhouette for that segment is evolving, and other people are testing some extremes,” Ford’s president of the Americas and International Markets Group, Kumar Galhotra said. “Our vehicle will be different, but it’s not going to be the Mad Max vehicle. It will clearly be an evolution that signifies it’s electric. It will be an aesthetic that’s true to Ford truck DNA.”