The Cyberlandr Just Made the Tesla Cybertruck Weirder

In case the Tesla Cybertruck didn’t look weird enough for you, there’s a way to increase its unique vibe. The Cyberlandr pickup camper for the Tesla Cybertruck looks like it just floated down from space! 

Go camping in the Cyberlandr camper for the Tesla Cybertruck 

The Cyberlandr pickup camper for the Tesla Cybertruck looks out of this world! According to Auto Blog, even though the Cybertruck isn’t set to enter production until 2022, we already have the first Cybertruck camper conversion. 

Just like the Cybertruck, the camper has all of the convenient features and modern amenities that you may not know you wanted while camping. When the Cyberlandr expands on the tailgate, it has a main space for sleeping, living, eating. Plus, it has a second room with a bathroom. 

The Tesla Cybertruck with Cyberlandr Camper
Tesla Cybertruck with Cyberlandr Camper | Tesla

The kitchen area has an under-counter fridge, with a sink and an induction cooktop embedded in the countertop. To give you that advanced, futuristic feeling, the faucet is touchless and can be voice-activated. The appliances are electric, and you don’t have to worry about cold feet because the porcelain tile floor is heated. 

Need to work remotely? No problem. There is a 32-inch flatscreen TV that mounts to the wall. It doubles as a monitor with StarLink satellite wireless connectivity. 500-watts of solar panels on the roof keep everything charged. 

How does the Telsa Cybertruck camper work? 

The Cyberlandr is a camper conversion. When it’s collapsed, it neatly conforms to the shape of the truck. Then the unit expands to over four times its travel height and extends outward into the open tailgate. 

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You get two reconfigurable lounge chairs that you can use for seating. Lay them flat above the counter area to create a double bed. The bathroom is about the size of a phone booth and has a self-clean dry-flush toilet that eliminates the need for a water tank. A four-stage water-filtration system provides a recirculating shower. 

But this isn’t the final version. The Cyberlandr specifications and features may change. The final dimensions of the Cybertruck haven’t been revealed yet. But you can put down your deposit and make a reservation now. 

How much does the Tesla Cybertruck camper cost? 

With $5,000, you will get about a 20-percent discount on the camper, bringing the price down to about $39,995. Only 20 units are available for that price. Smaller deposits still provide discounts. The smallest deposit option is $100, and that results in the sales price of $44,995. 

The deal is only taking place during an unspecified promotional period. After that, the Cyberlandr will cost about $49,995. The base model for the 2022 Tesla Cybertruck starts at about $39,900. However, it only has rear-wheel drive. 

Tesla Cybertruck Cyberlandr Interior
Tesla Cybertruck Cyberlandr Interior | Tesla

For camping or off-roading, you will probably want the Dual Motor all-wheel-drive version that starts around $49,900. The top of the line Tri-Motor all-wheel-drive Cybertruck begins around $69,000. So, camping with this truck isn’t exactly cheap.

But haven’t we been waiting for a while? When will the Cybertruck finally come out? Well, the engineering and final design have been completed. A few deliveries could come out by the end of 2021, but the bulk of deliveries are expected in 2022.