The Crosstrek Is the Most Reliable 2020 Subaru SUV According To Consumer Reports

The SUV market is filled with several great contenders, but some of them aren’t the most reliable vehicles. Fortunately, if you buy one from Subaru, experts say it will probably last for many years. One of its most popular SUVs, the Crosstrek, got a perfect reliability rating on Consumer Reports.

This makes it one of the most reliable subcompact SUVs on the market, better than popular rivals like the Honda HR-V. It also beat out every other Subaru SUV in terms of dependability. The automaker has three other SUV options, but none of them are as tough as the Subaru Crosstrek.

About the Subaru Crosstrek

In addition to a high reliability rating, the Subaru Crosstrek also has comfortable seats and a user-friendly infotainment system. The back row offers adult-friendly seating and over 20 cubic feet of cargo space behind the back seats. However, besides a backup camera, no safety features are included in the base trim.

The standard Subaru Crosstrek also doesn’t have the most exciting engine. It’s a 152-hp four-cylinder that struggles to accelerate and makes a lot of noise when pushed to its limits. Thankfully, a new engine was introduced for 2021, a bigger four-cylinder that makes 182 hp. Both engines come with standard AWD.

The Crosstrek’s less reliable siblings

The Subaru Outback almost got a perfect reliability score, four out of five according to Consumer Reports. While it’s more of a wagon than an SUV, it’s still just as capable on rough pavement. Each one comes with an off-roading drive mode, almost nine inches of ground clearance, and AWD.

Because it’s a wagon, the Subaru Outback also has considerably more cargo space than the Crosstrek. Almost 76 cubic feet of space is available for use with the second row folded flat. The Subaru Outback also has more standard safety features than the Crosstrek, but that’s expected given its higher base price.

Subaru’s other two SUVs only got average reliability scores. The midsize Subaru Ascent is a relative newcomer to the lineup, first released for the 2019 model year. Consumer Reports gave it a better road test score and it has one of the highest owner satisfaction ratings in its class.

It got great marks for its spacious interior, comfortable drive, and several standard features. However, CR didn’t find the Subaru Ascent’s engine to be particularly speedy. Since it’s a bigger vehicle, it’s also not as efficient as the Subaru Crosstrek.

The Subaru Forester is more efficient, albeit with a smaller engine. Still, its 182 hp is enough to drive families around to various appointments throughout the day. CR’s testers did note that highway driving causes to the engine to complain, but the cabin is still well-insulated against noise.

While it’s not exactly sporty, the Subaru Forester’s steering is responsive and there’s little body lean on twisty roads. The brakes are excellent and the suspension soaks up any harsh bumps you might encounter. The Subaru Forester currently has the highest owner satisfaction score out of any other compact SUV.

What Consumer Reports loved about the Subaru Crosstrek

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CR was impressed with the Crosstrek’s overall efficiency, especially considering it’s an AWD vehicle. Testers measured 29 mpg combined city/highway. However, CR did note that the Crosstrek is slow sometimes and the CVT doesn’t feel like a true automatic. Still, its ride is comfortable and quiet even with a humming engine in the background.

All the infotainment and available safety controls inside the Subaru Crosstrek work as expected. Some of the Crosstrek’s components could use some work, like its dim headlights and unsupportive seats. Still, the Subaru Crosstrek is very reliable overall and pleases the majority of its owners.