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For customers looking to buy a full-size truck, size is everything. Full-size trucks are meant to have big engines, big towing capacities, and big truck beds. But, like any large car, what also matters is how spacious the truck is. Here’s why the Chevy Silverado and the GMC Sierra have the most interior room of them all.

How General Motors won

First and foremost, both Chevy and GMC are owned by the same company, General Motors. As a result, both the Silverado and the Sierra are almost identical trucks with very few differences. None of those differences have to do with how roomy they are, though. 

As a result of that, Consumer Reports says that both the Silverado and the Sierra have exactly the same amount of interior space. Both trucks have 43.5-inches of front legroom and 33.5-inches of rear legroom. Both trucks also have 8-inches of front headroom and 6-inches of rear headroom. 

These numbers were slightly better than what the Ford F-150 has. Consumer Reports says that the F-150 has 43-inches of front legroom, 34.5-inches of rear legroom, 7.5-inches of front headroom, and 6-inches of rear headroom. This means that the Silverado and the Sierra both had more legroom and headroom than the F-150 did in almost every area of comparison.

That said, when the Silverado and the Sierra are compared to other trucks that weren’t as roomy, such as the Ram 1500, the differences were even larger. Consumer Reports says that the Ram 1500 has 42-inches of front legroom, 33.5-inches of rear legroom, 6-inches of front headroom and 5.5-inches of rear headroom. 

Why all this space matters

Full-size truck buyers are typically looking for a truck that’s bigger than a mid-size truck, such as the Toyota Tacoma. Not only that, but many full-size truck buyers are looking for a work truck, which is a truck that’s strong but simple. Most work trucks won’t have many comfort features, as there’s no need for those features if you just want a truck that can haul supplies from point A to point B.

But still, a driver’s got to be comfortable when they’re doing that hard work. One easy way for a full-size truck to be comfortable while still being simple is to just have a lot of space available in its interior. This way, full-size adults can do their job while not struggling to be comfortable in their seats. 

Additionally, and obviously, some people are just too big to fit in a small car. A bigger truck, with more room available, is just plain necessary for some truck lovers. That said, the Silverado and the Sierra aren’t completely empty trucks. They do have other creature comforts. 

Other comfort features found in the Silverado and Sierra

The latest model years of the Silverado and Sierras do come standard with a touch screen display. This touch screen is hooked up to GM’s infotainment system, which includes Bluetooth support as well as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility

This infotainment system will allow Silverado and Sierra owners to have some entertainment options when they’re on the road or at work. Additionally, GM also offers optional features such as satellite radio or an HD radio that will keep drivers and passengers comfortable and entertained.

On top of that, the Silverado and the Sierra’s standard interior features can be upgraded to be more premium and comfortable. Some options include fancier and more luxurious power-adjustable, heated, and ventilated front seats. GM also offers leather linings for its interior. Additionally, the steering wheel can also be upgraded to be more premium and comfortable as well.