The Chevy Silverado 2500HD Is 1 of Chevy’s Most Reliable Models

Reliability matters a lot when you’re buying a new car, and some cars are surprisingly more reliable than others. That’s the case when it comes to Chevy’s cars as the Silverado 2500HD is actually one of the most reliable Chevys on the market. Here’s a look at just how reliable of a truck the Chevy Silverado 2500HD really is.

How Chevy compares with other automakers

According to Consumer Reports, for the most recent model year of cars, Chevy, as an automaker, has jumped up eight places in terms of the brand’s average reliability rating. This is a major improvement for Chevy, but unfortunately, as a brand, Chevy is still pretty bad when it comes to its reliability scores. Overall, Chevy came in at 17th place, and there were only 26 automakers on Consumer Reports’ list. 

While that’s not a great showing, Chevy fans can still rejoice knowing that Chevy easily defeated Ford. Chevy’s average reliability score was 42 out of 100, while Ford’s average reliability score was 38 out of 100. That meant that Ford came in at 22nd place. But, that’s not all.

Ford’s luxury arm, Lincoln, had the worst average reliability rating of any automaker on Consumer Reports’ list. Lincoln’s average score of 8 out of 100 made it the least reliable brand, according to Consumer Reports.

How the Chevy Silverado 2500HD compares with other Chevys 

That being said, like with many other automakers, cars that had a very low reliability score dragged down the brand’s overall average. This was the case with Chevy since six models had a lower reliability score than Chevy’s average. Those models were the Trax, the Blazer, the Traverse, the Colorado, the Silverado 1500, and the Malibu. 

Three Chevys had a higher reliability score than Chevy’s average, and they were the Equinox, the Silverado 2500HD, and the Bolt. The Bolt had an impressive reliability score of 85 out of 100, while the Silverado 2500HD had a very good reliability score of 73 out of 100. 

Interestingly, the Silverado 1500 only had a reliability score of 13 out of 100. This is simply a massive difference compared to what the heavy-duty Silverado got. The Colorado’s reliability score of 26 out of 100 was also pretty bad, but since it’s a midsize truck rather than a full-size truck, this isn’t that surprising of a comparison. 

Why the Chevy Silverado 2500HD is more reliable 


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In Consumer Reports’ full review of the truck, it’s clear why the Chevy Silverado 2500HD got a higher reliability score. Overall, the Silverado 1500 was a somewhat reliable truck, but it had significant reliability issues in four areas. Consumer Reports said that the Silverado 1500’s power equipment and body hardware were not that reliable, and its brakes and in-car electronics were even less reliable. Obviously, having unreliable brakes is a big red flag.

In comparison, the Silverado 2500HD had fewer significant reliability issues than the Silverado 1500 did. For example, Consumer Reports wrote that the Chevy Silverado 2500HD had some trouble when it comes to the reliability of its paint and trim. Other than that though, just like the Silverado 1500, the Silverado 2500HD also had unreliable in-car electronics as well as power equipment. 

Notably, the Silverado 2500HD doesn’t seem to have unreliable brakes unlike the Silverado 1500, according to Consumer Reports. Due to these differences, it’s not surprising that the Silverado 1500 received such a low reliability score, especially compared to its heavy-duty cousin. It’s also notable that the Silverado 2500HD wasn’t always this reliable. In the past, it had its issues, but Chevy seems to have made an effort to fix them.