The Buick Enclave is the Worst Buick You Should Never Buy

Though this nondescript compact SUV in its Avenir edition has made some lists among the best Buicks, it may actually be the the worst Buick model ever. The Buick brand includes some of the GM portfolio’s more luxurious models with advanced tech features. But the Buick Enclave isn’t so great. While it’s a decent handle that offers stylish luxury, it still falls short of other Buicks like the new Enclave GX .

It might look ok from here, but the Buick Enclave has secrets.

The Buick Enclave has a few redeeming factors, like being one of the few small compact SUVs with a usable row. Some people praise, but a lot of people don’t. There is probably a reason that it doesn’t get the same hype as some of the other compact SUVs in its class like the BMW X3 or the Audi Q5. The Buick Enclave is the worst Buick you should never buy.

This SUV has gotten a lot of complaints over the years

The Buick Enclave is a vehicle whose drivers complain about. One model year is complained of infamously. And these aren’t little complaints about a dated interior or no Apple CarPlay. We’re talk about transmission failure here.

Other popular complaints about various Enclave models include problems with a stretched timing chain as well as check engine light issues. Anyone who’s experienced a check engine light knows how much stress this problem has the potential to induce. These problems can be extremely costly to fix, too, ranging from at least 3 grand in repairs.

Consumer Reports

The Consumer Reports rank the 2020 Enclave painfully average. One bright side –– it has improved a bit in the last decade. But if you are at the bottom, there’s only one direction to go. Improvement from some of the Enclave’s worst years may not necessarily be saying much.

The 2020 Buick Enclave does have a reported quiet cabin with a luxurious ambiance. For its size, it boasts decent cargo space. But it isn’t really going above and beyond in any area.

Though a popular Buick, the Enclave isn’t very competitive in its massive class of compact SUVs.

It’s an SUV, but it’s not designed for off-roading –– wait, what? This is a city-style on-road daily driver with worse fuel economy than a car, but isn’t really doing anything better than its Buick sedan counterparts.

Collision warning and emergency braking aren’t standard on the Buick Enclave, either. With it’s starting price of over 40 grand, we’d think the Buick had just a bit more to offer. Though it has decent infotainment connectivity, you’ll likely want to opt for an upgrade to a better sound system.

Nothing special

The Buick Enclave is nothing special. True, it has some plus sides like a plush upscale interior and a quiet cabin for an enjoyable commute, and good safety ratings. But in order to utilize most of the modern safety technology possible for an Enclave, you have to move up a trim level or too and the cost skyrockets.

Its gas mileage is also in the low range as well. According to Consumer Reports the small SUV gets 12 miles per gallon in the city and 26 on the highway. The Enclave falls short in too many aspects for the price to justify.

In addition, the Buick Enclave’s past is riddled with terrible previous year models. You won’t improve much with an older Enclave. Consumer Reports gave most of the models’ years terrible reliability ratings. Unlike other compact SUVs –– the Lexus RX for example –– which shows an impressively consistent standard through the years. Judging by this information, the Buick Enclave is the worst Buick you should never buy.

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