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If you’re like most of us you don’t have $50,000 to pop for a new pickup truck. But you really want that new truck smell. Basically, you want a new truck at a broken-down truck price. Will miracles never cease? Behold, the $2,000 CLZKC-009-your brand new electric truck! Yes, it’s true. You can thank your pals at MotorBiscuit for finding the real deal $2000 pickup truck.

A Cybertruck or F-150 EV is still a year off. But you can order your CLZKC-009 factory direct from China right now. Look, it may not be as exciting as a Cybertruck or any F-150, but how can you beat the price and crazy-cool looks? 

The $2,000 CLZKC-009 will provide you with an honest 880 lb capacity payload

$2000 EV Pickup Truck: CLZKC-009
$2000 EV Pickup Truck CLZKC-009 | MB

Now, if you’re looking for a lot of payload then you’ll have to step up for an old F-350 or something like that. But even one with a seized engine or sitting in a field for years will cost more than $2,000. The CLZKC-009 will provide you with an honest 880 lb capacity payload. 

Ready to hear more? We thought so. Jiangsu Ruipaiying Import and Export Company, LTD., makes these slick little trucks. They’re only available as a single cab. Sorry, no crew cab or dually options. But there are plenty of other options.

Well, not plenty, but a few. But they will run up that $2,000 figure pretty fast. Still, you can up the power with a four-horsepower, 3,000 K motor. That will move this truck to 28 mph on the street or sidewalk. And the good news is that with the lithium-ion battery and 60V 80Ah combo, you get 4.8kWh capacity. 

Larger wheels and off-road tires would transform the 009 into a serious-looking off-roader

Not-a-Jeep but an CLZKC-009

That gives you a range of 43-80 miles, depending on load and how aggressive you drive the CLZKC-009. And helping you stop all of that power and range are hydraulic disc brakes hiding behind those 12-inch wheels. Slapping on some larger wheels and off-road tires would transform the 009 into a serious-looking off-roader.

It won’t be a serious off-roader, but it will look like one. From a distance, anyway. Other features one would expect to be options are also standard equipment. Things like electric windows, a front windshield wiper, an electric heater, and a backup camera. There is also a cargo rack on the roof and off-road lights mounted there, too. 

Now you’re curious about the options, right? There are plenty of those, too. And they separate the 009 from being just another golf cart. Air conditioning and a gas-powered range extender mounted in the frunk are available. That makes the 009 a hybrid.  

The CLZKC-009 offers a cool option no other truck manufacturer has

And there’s even a sunroof. The folks that designed the 009 thought about almost everything. In fact, they thought of more than everything. They’ve included a cool feature that no other truck manufacturer offers. For an extra $228, they’ll add a hydraulic dump truck bed. 

Ordering a complete, functional pickup from China involves some up-charges. Shipping will cost $210. Then there are the customs broker fees. Those will likely be a few hundred dollars. And of course, those Trump tariffs really foul things up. They’ll likely cost you about 25 percent. That will likely add a hair over $500. 

So with some of the cool options and not-so-cool fees and tariffs, you’re probably looking at more like $5,000. Still, that is one-tenth of what a new pickup runs. And another thing is that with a top speed of only 25 mph you might not be able to use it on public streets. Laws vary from state to state so, depending on how you want to use this you better check first. 

Imagine yourself on Saturday mornings going to town in your shiny new $2000 pickup

$2000 EV many Pickup Trucks CLZKC-009
Many CLZKC-009 EV pickup trucks | Changli

Two Chinese Pickups The US Won’t See

Some states will allow you to drive it on streets with a 35 mph speed limit. If so, that would mostly get you an all-purpose pickup truck to use around town. Just imagine yourself on Saturday mornings going into town in your shiny new $2000 pickup truck. 

There are a bunch of colors to pick from. So think of your favorite color and then imagine cruising around town impressing your neighbors and even strangers. There is no better feeling than on a sunny Saturday profiling in your brand new EV pickup. And you can thank MotorBiscuit for the tip!