The Boat And Camp Trailer Is the RV You Never Knew You Needed

The concept of a toy hauler RV has been around for a long time. Basically, it is a camper that is either motorized or comes as a fifth-wheel trailer. It includes a small garage bay in the rear. This RV type allows camping enthusiasts to bring their outdoor power equipment with them, such as a four-wheeler, motorcycle, or golf cart. But, outdoor fun sometimes involves boats. So, now, a company is working on a new type of toy hauler that will carry boats instead.

An RV with camping and water fun in mind

A white horse trailer has been converted to carry a boat in the rear.
The boat and camper RV Trailer prototype – concept art | The Boat and Camp

If you love the outdoors and water fun, this new trailer will allow you to combine your passions. A team has recently put together a prototype boat and camper RV trailer. Their site shows a horse trailer that has been converted to accept a v-hull boat. But, that is just the prototype.

I reviewed the company’s web page and reached out for more details. They were kind enough to respond right away. In a nutshell, the boat and camp trailer prototype is currently being presented to multiple boat and RV manufacturers to determine the best way to go forward, not just the fastest way.

Multiple styles of the RV are planned

The boat and camper RV trailer at the boat launch.
Boat and Camp RV Trailer at the boat ramp – concept art | The Boat and Camp

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The team that created the original prototype is aware that once a deal is struck to bring the product to market that there will likely be some changes. However, the original intent will remain the same. That is, to have an RV trailer that can accept a wide variety of boats and still provide various floorplans for the living quarters.

Once a manufacturer deal has been put together for the boat and camper RV trailer, the anticipation is that lighter weight materials will be used. Currently, the prototype weighs in at 4,000 without a boat. But, that is expected to drop as the manufacturers incorporate lightweight materials. They are also anticipating the manufacturing deal to be worked out by the Summer of 2021.

Price point to be determined

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The price point for the boat and camp trailer is still undetermined. Without a manufacturer deal in place yet, it is hard to place a dollar figure for the product. However, they anticipate that it will be somewhat less expensive than a traditional toy hauler RV since it will require less material to build than a fully enclosed trailer.

The camper/RV For everyone on the water

Once a deal is reached for the RV boat trailer, the team hopes to have a product, or products that will meet multiple needs in the market. In a Facebook message they offered,

“We’re hoping for a wide array of watercraft trailers varying in price, style, and uses. We want to bring the “camper/RV lifestyle” to EVERYONE on the water.”

Not a new concept

The concept of an RV that can carry a boat is not new. A quick search for, boaterhome, on Youtube reveals that vans used to be converted for boat carrying duties. There are also floating RVs the size of small buses out there. However, the appeal of this boat and camp trailer is that a mass-market manufacturing deal can make this concept a reality at a much more affordable price point than those lower volume van or bus RV conversions.

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The concept of a boat hauling RV allows water-loving camping enthusiasts to have outdoor fun on land and sea. So, the boat and camp trailer truly allows you to combine your passions. That could make this trailer the RV you never knew you needed. You’ll just have to keep an eye out on the company for the development of the product. Soon, however, you’ll be able to bring the camping equipment and the boat in one unit and become the talk of the boat ramp. But, don’t forget the life jackets.