The BMW Pickup Truck Concept We Didn’t Know We Wanted

With the popularity of SUVs rising, we’ve seen a surprising number of luxury car manufacturers make their attempts in the market. The Aston Martin DBX and Lamborghini Urus could be great examples of companies branching out of their comfort zone to feel a niche. SUVs aren’t the only vehicles growing in popularity — pickup trucks are also. Even more so, pickup trucks have become more expensive and more luxurious, but we still see all of our standard competitors like Ford and Chevy on the market. There is a definite niche for pickup trucks on the market, but will BMW step up to the plate?

The BMW X7 pickup truck concept

As more trucks like the Ford F-150 get better and higher-end trim levels, it is clear that there is a market for luxury pickup trucks. Sure, we still want all of the practicality of a standard pickup truck, but that doesn’t have to mean sacrificing a stunning and comfortable interior. The BMW X7 pickup truck looks kind of funky yet cool, but as a BMW fan, I’m disappointed to know that they might not be planning on producing it.

2020 BMW X7 pickup truck rear
2020 BMW X7 pickup truck rear | BMW

The BMW X7 pickup truck concept looks like the mashup of several different vehicles. Depending on what angle you look at the car from, it could be hard to tell what it is. From the front, it is very clearly a BMW, and if you didn’t know any better, you wouldn’t expect it to have a truck bed hiding cleverly behind. From the back, however, you might not even recognize it as a BMW at all.

We may not know much

Because the X7 pickup is merely a concept, we can’t know anything for sure. We can guess what engine the car might have, how the interior would look, or even what the towing capacity will be, but unless it ever goes into full production, we might never know for sure. What we can anticipate is that it will be on the higher-end of pricing for the BMW lineup, and it will offer all of the luxury, comfort, and pleasant driving experience that we’ve always expected from BMW.


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There are no current plans for the BMW X7 pickup truck to be a full-scale production car — at least that we know of. While this may be disappointing, it will probably take the engineering and design teams at BMW to create something that is so radically different from their standard lineup. Even more so, the executives at BMW will have to determine if designing a pickup truck will be worth the cost of trying to create one.

So we may not be seeing a BMW pickup truck any time soon. That doesn’t mean that we will never get one, and it’s clear that the topic has come up at least more than a few times, which means it is at least an option that BMW is looking into. Whether we get it or not we can still enjoy the concept car and hope that one day we will see it hit the roads or even some off-road trails.