The BMW I8 Is A Surprisingly Good Daily Driver

When it comes to picking a car for your daily commute, we usually look at reliable and reasonably priced options that are reliable and practical, and sometimes even a little bit luxurious. The BMW I8 is an unexpected contender for a daily driver, but it is actually a surprisingly good option.

The I8 is practical

One of the most important things to consider in a daily driver, for most people, is how practical the car is. The BMW I8 is, believe it or not, very practical.

You wouldn’t know it from its appearance, but the BMW I8 does have two back seats. They aren’t necessarily big enough for an adult, or maybe even a teenager, but a young child could ride in the back seat comfortably and safely. While it may not be convenient for the driver or passenger to have to get out of the car in order to get rear passengers out, this is standard of every coupe with a back seat and isn’t too big of a deal. What is a big deal is that the small back seats make this a reasonable daily driver if your daily routine includes dropping the kids off at school.

TORONTO, ON – FEBRUARY 14: Interior of the BMW i8 Concept car at the Canadian Auto Show. Rene Johnston/ Toronto Star (Rene Johnston/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

The I8 also has a surprising amount of cargo space. The trunk hatch opens to reveal much more room than you’d expect, and certainly more than you get in many other exotic sports cars. There is enough space for briefcases or a weekly grocery trip. If you need more space, the back seats are leather-wrapped pads laid into the carpet that wraps around the back of the cabin, so you can use it as additional storage without too much concern for ruining the leather.

Comfort and accessibility

The driver and passenger seat of the I8 can be adjusted in so many ways that it is easy to find a seat configuration that optimizes both your comfort and ergonomics. Like you would expect from a high-end BMW the interior is lined with high-end material, and the seats are comfortable enough to make a long commute bearable.

The biggest complaint most owners have about the car is that the thick door sill makes it slightly difficult to get in and out of. This isn’t appealing for many people when considering a daily driver, but it is one of the only comforts that you give up.

Back seat passengers may not find their seating to be very comfortable either. The rear seats are composed of little more than leather-wrapped pads attached to the carpet that extends around the cabin, with no option to adjust, leaving them at a complete 90-degree angle. If the driver or passenger is of average height or taller, they have probably moved the seat back far enough for their comfort, which essentially squishes the small amount of legroom available to the rear passengers.

The luxury suspension of the BMW I8 gives it an incredibly smooth ride, and your ability to adjust between driving modes makes it easy to switch between a casual daily driver and a sporty weekend car all in one.