The Biggest Regret You’ll Have About Owning a Truck

Owning a truck doesn’t have a lot of downsides. Trucks are great vehicles for lugging heavy equipment to work sites without any decreased performance. Most of these cars can tow upwards of 10,000 pounds or more when fully loaded. They’re also a top pick for off-roading enthusiasts.

Still, it happens to every truck owner eventually: someone is going to ask you to use your truck for moving. Most trucks can take on this challenge with no issues. However, the process of moving is very time-consuming. Even if you’re one of those naturally generous truck owners, don’t let people take advantage of you.

Why trucks are great for moving

Ford pickup truck drives on a road in Miami
A Ford pickup truck | Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The obvious reason why trucks make good moving vehicles is because of their long cargo boxes. Regular cars can be outfitted with roof racks and cargo holders to transport things that can’t fit in the trunk. However, the space inside these holders is still vastly limited compared to truck beds.

These cargo boxes also have higher payload capacities. Take the Ford F-150, for example. With the longest box and the most powerful engine, the standard trim can haul almost 3,000 pounds. If you have the Super Duty version, you can lug around 7,000 pounds.

Preparing your pickup for moving

Before the job, it’s best to have some kind of cargo management system in the bed. This is especially important if you need to transport delicate objects like musical instruments or framed pictures. Some trucks, like Ram or Nissan models, come with moveable tie-downs already equipped.

You may also want to consider using a bedliner. This makes the floor of the truck bed skid-resistant so that the cargo remains stable during the drive. It also protects the box from any scrapes or scratches made by heavy objects. Most trucks come with this feature in a package, but it can also be purchased on its own.

Consider what needs to be moved

Are you simply transporting a mattress across town, or do you need to move heavy furniture an hour away? Your truck may be able to transport the load without any issues, but it might take a few trips. Each extra trip will end up putting more strain on your truck. Heavy furniture also has the potential to damage the cargo box, even with a bedliner.

If you regularly use the truck for work tasks, this may not bother you. However, if you use the truck for daily driving, you’re probably a little more picky about what goes into the bed. 

What’s in it for you?

Chances are your friend or family member probably asked to use your truck to save themselves some money. Renting a truck or calling a moving company can be very expensive depending on how long their services are needed. This doesn’t mean you need to start charging an hourly rate, but you should still be properly compensated.

Ask them to treat you to a lunch or dinner afterward, or at least require them to cover fuel costs. If you’re traveling back and forth between cities, you’re probably going to use a lot of gas.

Don’t go it alone

You probably don’t want to just hand the keys over to someone else, especially if the pickup is your primary transportation. This means that you will likely be spending an entire day or more with the person who needs help. Don’t let them stick you with any heavy lifting!

At the end of the day, it’s your truck. If you have a lot of time on your hands and want to be a good samaritan, take the job. If you turn them down, we can hardly blame you.