The Biggest Complaint About Toyota Corollas Is Why They’re so Popular

When people list off their favorite cars, you hear about the big hauling pickups, the large SUVs or even the off-road thrill-seeking roadsters. They might list speed as the No. 1 feature of the vehicle they’re looking to buy or wish they had.

The one car you rarely hear about, though, is the Toyota Corolla. It hardly ever lands high on anyone’s list, and that’s because it has one of the biggest things that many people hate when it comes to a car they want to drive. As Scotty Kilmer explains, its worst point is why it’s so popular.

The biggest complaint about the Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla Hybrid at the Los Angeles Auto Show
The Toyota Corolla | MARK RALSTON/AFP via Getty Images

This is one vehicle that gets a bad rap from most car enthusiasts. The Toyota Corolla offers little in its exterior design and amenities. As Reddit users report, it’s pegged as too boring to drive and seems underpowered compared to all the other cars out there in the same class. Many people would rather choose a car that offers some sort of personality. Whether it’s in the acceleration times or the bells and whistles that make driving more fun, the Toyota Corolla offers an experience that leans toward the bland side.

The Corolla is just too simple. It offers decent fuel economy, but not as much as some of its competitors. In recent years, they’ve added some edgier styling features, but it’s not enough to make it stand out from all the other cars on the market. There’s not much to the Toyota Corolla. But, for some, that’s exactly what makes it so appealing.

If it’s so boring, why is it so popular?

Many drivers fawn over sports cars, while others get excited over the decked out pickups. But, some don’t care that much about vehicles. They just want to buy a car that will get them where they need to go and without the hassles of repairs or expensive replacement parts. The Toyota Corolla started its production back in 1966 and is still going strong today. People have purchased around 44 million Corolla models to date.

Its popularity has lasted precisely because it’s simple, affordable, and reliable. Toyota markets to the people who care little for amenities, they just want a car that gets them from one point to the next. They don’t want to complicate their drive with a bunch of buttons to figure out. Just give them a car so they can start it and go, and the Corolla is the vehicle you can depend on to do just that.

What exactly does the Toyota Corolla offer?

Each generation is different, but if you’re looking to buy used, according to, the 2014 model is when fuel economy brings impressive numbers, like 40 MPG highway. That number may not exactly turn heads today, but it’s still remarkable when you take in the price factor. Older Corolla vehicles are still dependable and will keep going thousands of miles more than what you had when you bought it.

When you look at the 2014 model year and newer, interior space becomes one of its appealing features. With more than enough room for the front-seat and rear-seat passengers, traveling long distances won’t be an issue. There’s also plenty of room to install car seats for infants and young children. For driver-assist technology, you would have to look at the 2017 model year and newer, because the older models don’t offer amenities like that.

Some may consider the Toyota Corolla boring, but it’s still one of the most purchased vehicles on the automotive market today. For those who want more thrills, there are plenty of choices out there to browse, but if you just want to go from one place to the next with no fuss, the Corolla is the choice for you.