The Best Compact Wagon Of The Year Is Also The Most Affordable

Compact wagons have a relatively niche consumer market, but they are a great option for getting a small yet practical car, and some fans just like the overall wagon style. This year’s car market saw several great choices for a compact wagon, but according to Consumer Reports, one stands out above the rest, and it conveniently happens to be one of the most affordable options: the 2020 Honda Fit.

The Honda Fit offers practicality and reliability

The 2020 Honda Fit is no Mercedes-Benz station wagon in way of appearances, but it does have a surprising amount of comfort and reliability that make it a true bargain for a starting price of around $16,190 brand new.

Consumer Reports gave this year’s Honda Fit a high-reliability rating, and there haven’t been any major issues that should concern buyers. The Fit has a history of being dependable, and it is affordable as well, giving consumers and extra leg-up when it comes time for an oil change or full service.

Honda Fit Sport Wagon | Honda

There were some not so great scores that knocked the Fit down a few points, according to Consumer Reports. While the styling is more modern than previous generations, it isn’t all that attractive inside or out. Testing the drivability and handling showed that the car is pretty loud, not well insulated from road noise, and the seats weren’t as comfortable as they had liked. When considering the price point, however, this wagon is still a great value.

As a compact wagon, the Honda Fit also gets good gas mileage, and combining the overall 33mpg with the amount of passenger and cargo space together produces a car that’s great for a daily driver or family vehicle.

The Fit is minimalistic

The Honda Fit doesn’t have all that much to offer, but its minimalistic design and lack of features aren’t necessarily a bad thing, especially if you are looking for a car that can take a little bit of wear and tear.

The base model of the Fit doesn’t come standard with many safety features, but there is a handful that you can pick and choose as options based on your personal driving style and preferences. For this model year, these safety features are the forward collision warning, emergency braking, lane departure warning, and lane-keeping assist. With all of the options, the Honda Fit is still an affordable $20,620 brand new.

Honda Fit Sport Interior | Honda

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The interior may not be lined in high-quality leather, but the comfortable seats are reportedly easy to clean and comfortable in all weather. The dashboard is simple, maintain clean lines without the clutter of excessive buttons and controls.

The Honda Fit is easily one of the best and most affordable wagons of the year, and with so many older generations of Fit still on the road today, you know that this choice of compact wagon will take you where you need to go, for however long you want to keep it.