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Black Friday is only a couple of short weeks away, so naturally, it’s time to catch up on all the deals in the latest electronics and especially cars. Typical holidays are the best times to make big purchases. Car brands, in particular, make the deals tough to ignore. They offer significant discounts on leases, or if you’re in the buying mood, sometimes you can find 0-percent APR financing on a new vehicle. It all depends on what the car companies are selling, and the choices can be overwhelming. Thankfully U.S. News curated a list of the best Black Friday car deals in 2021. These are the sedans from that list.

2021 Kia Forte offers affordable comfort

As if the Forte wasn’t already a good deal, Kia is offering a $159 per month lease deal if you sign for 36 months and put $2,799 as a down payment. If you live in the northeast, that down payment reduces to $2,299. The Kia Forte is a comfortable, efficient compact sedan with ample space. The trim benefiting from this deal is the LXS, which includes a CVT, alloy wheels, a spruced interior, and folding rear seats. It won’t be overtly powerful with its 147-horsepower 2-liter four-cylinder, but it gets more than 30 mpg. 

A Black Friday 2021 Honda Civic deal is always worth considering

Honda Civic Sedan Touring, driving through a mountain.
Honda Civic Sedan Touring | Honda

What can be said for the Honda Civic that hasn’t already been said? It’s a comfortable, efficient, reliable, and spacious sedan that checks all the boxes for a commuter vehicle. Honda will offer a lease deal for the Civic Sport trim, which includes a 2-liter inline-four that produces 160 horsepower. For a $3,099 down payment, you can get a Honda Civic Sport for $209 per month if you sign up for a 36-month lease. If you’re a driver who frequently changes cars, then consider leasing as a more viable option than purchasing cars and trading them in every few years. 

2021 Subaru Legacy offers a lot for the base model

This must be the best deal of them all but act fast because it’s ending on November 30, the Tuesday after Black Friday. Subaru is offering the Legacy with a purchasing deal for 0-percent financing if you sign up for 63 months. You’ll have to call your local Subaru dealer to make sure they’re offering this deal. The Legacy is equipped with all-wheel-drive and various safety features as standard, including lane, keep assist, adaptive cruise control, and automatic emergency braking, according to U.S. News. The Legacy comes with a 2.4-liter flat-four engine that sends 182 horsepower to all four wheels in base form.

These are all great deals for Black Friday, especially if you prefer leasing to buying. However, if you’re more of a buyer, a Honda Civic is a better option than a Subaru. The Subaru doesn’t get exemplary gas mileage, and reliability on Subarus is inconsistent. Base model Subarus are also expensive compared to other brands. A Honda won’t be infallible, but it stands a better chance of lasting longer than the Subaru. 


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