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Car technology has dramatically improved over the past few decades. In addition to knowing the speed and fuel efficiency of a car, many buyers want to know about included infotainment features. A lot of models currently support Bluetooth — and Netflix streaming isn’t far behind.

Excellent car speakers are essential for music-lovers and audiophiles. Even if you have a newer car with an upgraded sound system, a good pair of speakers will enhance the sound quality further. There are many different brands and specifications to consider, but Caraudiologic put together a very well-rounded list. Here are our favorites.

Polk Audio DB651S

Sound quality is one of the biggest things buyers seek in a set of car speakers. But people often don’t consider the quality of the materials. If you like offroading or live in a climate with extreme temperatures, durability is even more important. The Polk Audio DB651S‘s surround stands are built with a strong butyl rubber that will hold up well over time, even in harsh environments. These speakers are also marine-certified, meaning they’re waterproof and can be installed on boats.

First-time buyers find this set appealing because it’s incredibly easy to install. As for sound quality, it has an input power of 165 watts. This delivers good audio for the low price of $63. (Those looking for more powerful bass speakers should go with another model.)

Kicker DS65

If you enjoy your music at high volumes, the Kicker DS65 is the perfect speaker system for you. This brand is known for producing speakers with great bass response, thanks to its woofer’s EVC (extended voice coil) technology. This particular set of speakers has a maximum power input of 240 watts and comes with titanium-dome tweeters that make audio levels sound crisp even at higher volumes.

While Kicker spared no expense on the audio components, the speakers themselves are made of less durable materials than competitors. Made with foam instead of rubber, the speakers are more lightweight but may not hold up as well over time. However, for just under $50, it’s a great value for the bass quality.


The JBLGTO609C delivers some of the cleanest sound of any speaker system. It handles both highs and lows extremely well, with a max power input of 270 watts. Its tweeter has a dual-level audio adjustment system, which makes music sound great no matter where you install the speakers. Thanks to JBL’s I-mount technology, users have more placement options, though some reported it was difficult to mount the speakers onto grilles.

In terms of durability, these speakers may be the best ones on the market. The cones are carbon-injected, which makes them lighter than rubber speakers without losing any durability. The grille and exterior are also made of carbon fiber. At $90, these speakers cost a little more, but you won’t have to worry about needing a replacement any time soon.

Pioneer TS6900PRO

With a maximum power input of 600 watts, the Pioneer TS6900PRO is one of the loudest speakers on the market. With an unparalleled bass quality, this set features a bullet tweeter so that the treble sounds great, too. Its surrounds are built with durable rubber on a steel frame.

As expected, a speaker system packing this much power weighs a little more than its competitors, which may make it difficult to install in certain places. It also costs slightly more, at around $125, but smaller configurations are available.