The Best 2019 Hybrid Vehicles, According to Consumer Reports

As the years progress, hybrids are becoming more common among all classes of vehicles from luxury cars to tiny compacts to minivans. It’s no wonder because, with their superior fuel economy, hybrids offer many benefits including potentially better reliability over gas-power vehicles.

And, in the case of many hybrids, an electric motor means a significant reduction in maintenance costs over the lifetime of the vehicle.

With the price gap narrowing between gas-electric hybrids and their entirely gas-driven counterparts, you are probably wondering if a hybrid is right for you. To help you make that choice, let’s take a look at the best 2019 hybrid vehicles, as reviewed by Consumer Reports, so that you can make an informed decision when buying your next vehicle.

4. Toyota Prius C

As Toyota’s least-expensive hybrid, the Prius C still manages to find a spot among Consumer Reports best hybrids of 2019 with a Road Test Score of 55, a Predicted Reliability rating of 5/5, and a Predicted Owner Satisfaction rating of 3/5.

This model, which offers an excellent level of fuel economy at 43 miles per gallon overall, is ideally suited to urban dwellers because of its small size. However, the Prius C suffers from things like a noisy cabin, slow acceleration, a cheap-feeling interior, and a stiff ride which might make some think that they would be better off opting for a full-fledged Prius instead.

3. Hyundai Ioniq

The next entry on our list of the best 2019 hybrid vehicles is the Hyundai Ioniq. Coming in with an Overall Score of 68, the Ioniq achieved a Road Test Score of 67, a Predicted Reliability rating of 4/5, and a Predicted Owner Satisfaction rating of 4/5.

The Iconic manages to do what no other hybrid to date has been able to do, which is rival the Prius when it comes to its combination of fuel economy and practicality. During its tests, Consumer Reports found that the Ioniq managed to tie the Prius with a 52 mpg overall.

Additionally, this model also includes a versatile hatchback and controls that are easy to use. Despite all of its pluses, this model does have its downsides. These include spongy brakes that did not perform well on either dry or wet long stops.

2. Honda Insight

Next, we have the 2019 Honda Insight coming in with an Overall Score of 71, a Road Test Score of 69, a Predicted Reliability rating of 4/5, and a Predicted Owner Satisfaction rating of 4/5.

While this vehicle might find itself in second overall, it bests the Prius when it comes to fuel economy with Consumer Reports achieving 54 mpg during testing. However, in other evaluations, the Insight wasn’t as impressive.

Because the Insight was based on the Civic, it shares some of the same quirks with that vehicle. Also, while the Insight provides a smooth ride, its low stance makes it difficult to get in and out of while its front seats are lacking in lower back support. In addition, the controls found in the Insight are lacking when it comes to user-friendliness.

1. Toyota Prius

Finally, topping the list, we have the 2019 Toyota Prius. With an Overall Score of 78 and a Road Test Score of 75, this vehicle offers a significant improvement in fuel economy over its predecessor. Other highlights of this vehicle, that received a Predicted Reliability rating and a Predicted Owner Satisfaction rating of 5/5, include advanced safety equipment as standard and a versatile hatchback.

While this vehicle does hold the top spot overall, it is not without a few detracting features, such as controls and displays that can take some getting used to, poor rear visibility caused by a horizontal bar that splits the hatchback window, and acceleration that is lacking when you need to get going in a hurry.

However, when all things are considered, Consumer Reports considers the Toyota Prius to be the best hybrid vehicle of 2019.