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Aston Martin has set out to create a vehicle that will impress both automotive collectors and race enthusiasts. The 2020 Aston Martin Valkyrie will be the fastest street-legal vehicle on the market when it debuts next year.

Up until recently, Aston Martin has only shared prototypes of the vehicle, and race enthusiasts were hungry to learn more about the most exotic member of the Aston Martin lineup. While Car and Driver was able to test drive the Valkyrie through a computerized simulator, they had yet to come in contact with the real thing.

Speculations about the Valkyrie were laid to rest recently. Car and Driver announced that the Valkyrie had made its debut in real life at the British Grand Prix. While the Valkyrie took laps around the Silverstone track, Aston Martin enthusiasts were able to catch their first glimpses of this brand new supercar.

Unsurprisingly, the Valkyrie commanded attention when it made its public appearance at the British Grand Prix event. Here’s a look at what makes the Valkyrie so special, and what types of impressions this car made during its race track debut.

Form meets function in the 2020 Valkyrie

When designing the all-new Valkyrie, Aston Martin wanted to make a street-legal vehicle that was essentially designed after a Formula 1 race car. Working in tandem with the Red Bull Formula 1 team, Aston Martin pioneered a vehicle that has race-worthy components, but that can still be piloted on city streets.

Performance like this comes with a steep price tag. More than 150 people have reserved first access to the new Aston Martin at a staggering price tag of $3 million.

The Valkyrie’s first impression is visually stunning. A long, low body structure indicates that this vehicle has been precisely engineered to withstand top speeds and carve along corners. While the body construction is based on the general design of a Formula 1 car, the Valkyrie also incorporates luxury accents, such as gullwing doors and external cameras that eliminate the need for side-view or rear-view mirrors.

Under the hood, the Valkyrie features a naturally aspirated engine that is befitting one of the most ultra-luxurious and ultra-exotic members of the Aston Martin lineup. A 6.5-liter V12 engine puts out an astounding 664 lb.-ft. of torque and 1160 horsepower. Yes, you read that correctly: 1160 horsepower. With performance stats like these, it is easy to imagine the Valkyrie tearing up the track alongside its Formula 1 cousins.

The Valkyrie makes its public debut

Since Aston Martin worked so closely with the Red Bull Formula 1 design team when creating the Valkyrie, it seems natural that the vehicle would make its first debut at a high-profile racing event. Fans were stunned when the Valkyrie pulled out alongside Formula 1 race cars during a special preview event for the vehicle.

As the Valkyrie tore up the track, it was driven by Aston Martin’s lead test driver, the renowned Chris Goodwin. In a video that was released by Aston Martin shortly after the event, you can hear the roaring V12 engine as the Valkyrie zoomed around Silverthorne track. Aston Martin is just warming up, and the impressive Valkyrie will be included as a part of the new hypercar division at the 2021 Le Mans race. 

The exterior of the Valkyrie prototype was painted in the same red and blue shades that form the livery colors of the Red Bull Formula 1 race team. While it remains to be seen whether private buyers can opt for the same color scheme, Aston Martin seems to be stating that its new hypercar deserves to be ranked amongst the best race cars of the upcoming era.