The All-New 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLB Is Surprisingly Good for Kids

The Mercedes-Benz GLB is a newcomer to the automaker’s prestigious lineup, but it’s already proving its worth. This Mercedes-Benz model comes with a nice amount of standard equipment, offers a smooth drive, and has plenty of cargo space. It’s also one of the cheapest Mercedes-Benz vehicles you can buy brand new with a base model priced at $36,000.

The Mercedes-Benz GLB is also great for families with very small passengers. While it comes with an optional third row, the two-row models have ample room for car safety seats. Here’s how it fared on its car seat check from as well as several of its other family-friendly qualities.

The Mercedes-Benz GLB is approved for child safety seats’s testers found that the Mercedes-Benz GLB’s LATCH connectors were easy to locate and use. It was also easy to install a forward-facing convertible car seat. All drivers need to do is lift the car seat’s head restraint and use the marked tether anchors.

Infant, booster, and rear-facing car seats were also tested inside the Mercedes-Benz GLB. Moving the passenger seat forward allowed testers to easily install the infant and rear-facing seats. The booster seat was similarly easy to attach, but kids may have trouble locating the concealed buckles.

Incredibly spacious

In addition to accommodating many kinds of car seats, the back row of the Mercedes-Benz GLB is roomy enough for adults. There’s ample room to stretch your legs and the seats are made with synthetic leather. Just like the driver’s seat, the back seats can slide forward and backward.

The driver’s seat also comes with standard 12-way adjustability and is highly supportive. A 7-inch touchscreen sits at the center stack, which can be completely controlled with voice commands. This can be especially useful for drivers who would rather keep their eyes on the road.

Secure handling

Many drivers with children prefer a car that will offer the smoothest ride. An SUV that shakes and rattles over harsh bumps could potentially disturb a napping child in their safety seat. According to Consumer Reports, the GLB’s suspension keeps things calm and composed.

CR’s testers also noted that even though it’s not very sporty, the Mercedes-Benz GLB handles corners surprisingly well. There’s also very little road and wind noise to penetrate the cabin. The brakes kick in quickly and are easy for drivers to modulate.

Excellent power and efficiency

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The Mercedes-Benz GLB only has one engine on tap, but it provides ample power for both city and highway excursions. It’s a turbo 2.0-liter four-cylinder that can make up to 221 hp. It’s paired with eight-speed automatic transmission and front-wheel drive.

All-wheel drive is optional, but it’s not really built for any serious off-roading. The Mercedes-Benz GLB also gets some of the best gas mileage in its class. It gets an estimated 23 mpg on city roads and up to 31 mpg on highway lanes.

Where does the Mercedes-Benz GLB need improvement?

The Mercedes-Benz GLB has not been crash-tested yet, which may make some potential buyers nervous. Consumer Reports noted that it can be hard to control the steering wheel thanks to its strong torque. The base stability control also has a tendency to lock up the wheels once it’s activated.

Another minor annoyance is that you need to actually open the rear doors to fold down the second row. The strap that allows the seats to fold flat is located on the side of the passenger’s seat buckle. However, considering you get up to 62 cubic feet of space, we’d say it’s worth the small hassle. Overall, the Mercedes-Benz GLB is a great car for little ones and offers good value at its price.