The Airstream Interstate Line Gives You Everything You’d Want In a Camper Van

There are many compelling Class B motorhomes out there, but there’s one that reigns supreme. As you do your shopping, you’ll see that the Airstream Interstate lineup is one of the grandest options in the camper van realm. Airstream’s Interstate RV campers boast many practical features and amenities that are hard to beat.

Airstream’s Luxurious Class B RVs

A 2021 24GT parked in a driveway.
The 2021 Interstate 24GT | Airstream

You’ll generally want to go with a Class B RV for enhanced safety options and for something more comfortable to drive. And if you want something upscale, the Airstream Interstate lineup should be toward the top of your list.

Airstream recently unveiled its 2021 Interstate lineup, which features two different models ideal for short or long-term adventures. You have the choice between the Interstate 24GT and the Interstate 24GL plans. Both models sleep up to two people, but the 24GL offers a bit more space. The 24GL can seat nine people, while the 24GT seats seven.

2021 Airstream Interstate specs 

a 24GT model with a grieve interior.
2021 Interstate 24GT | Airstream

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The 2021 Airstream Interstate models come standard with many desirable features, even as you first walk inside. At the cockpit, there’s welcoming entry door lighting and heated swivel driver/passenger seats. The 24GL comes with a few more standard frills, such as in-dash wireless charging. 

A 24GL with the bed down.
24GL bed configuration | Airstream

Once you get to their respective lounge areas, you’ll notice that the Interstate RVs offer many of the comforts of a traditional home. The 24GT and 24GL models come with air conditioning and ultra-leather seats. They also come with two LED widescreen HDTVs and carpeting toward the rear. Additionally, both models are standard with a rear power sofa; a front bed system is available. 

The Interstate models also provide modern kitchen conveniences. The kitchen areas come with a drawer microwave and a two-burner cooktop. In the 24GT, you get a fridge with a draw freezer; the 24GL has an all-in-one refrigerator set. 

The sink/shower area of an Interstate bathroom.
Interstate line onboard bathroom | Airstream

What separates the Interstate models from the crowd is the modern, on-board bathroom. The 24GT and the 24GL are standard with a sink, an articulated mirror, a standup shower, and a retractable clothesline. And yes, it even comes with a toilet. Airstream added thoughtful features like a built-in shampoo, conditioner, and body wash station. There’s a waterproof toilet paper cover too. 

Driving dynamics 

Front seat of the 24GL.
24GL dash area | Airstream

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The added benefit of models like the Airstream Interstate ones is that they are relatively simple to drive, almost like a regular van. The Interstate models feature a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis and a 3.0L V6 turbo diesel engine. This setup contributes to why the Interstate line is the top-selling Class B diesel motorhome of the last six years, Airstream says. 

The Interstate line can tow up to 5,000 pounds and comes with an air ride suspension. Additionally, the Interstate line comes with an impressive suite of advanced safety features. Standard active safety features include blind-spot monitoring, lane-keep assist, and rear-cross traffic alert. Pricing for the 2021 Interstate line begins at $190,447. While the pricing is a bit steep for the class, the number of upscale features makes it more worthwhile.