The Airstream Caravan to Carbon Neutral Initiative Saves the Environment

Airstream has partnered with the National Forest Foundation to reduce the environmental impact of Airstream travel. The goal is to peacefully getaway in nature, not destroy it. So here is how you can also help. 

Airstream launches the Caravan to Cabron Neutral Initiative 

According to the Airstream blog, they are partnering with the National Forest Foundation to reduce the environmental impact of traveling in your trailer while also contributing to a more beautiful natural world. 

As a commitment to the environment, Airstream will underwrite the planting of about 118,405 trees with the help of the National Forest Foundation. These trees have a big mission. They are projected to help sequester the estimated carbo generated by the first year of driving all-new Airstream travel trailers and touring coaches manufactured in 2021. 

Silver Airstream Flying Cloud camper being towed by a blue Ford F-150 in a forested national park
Airstream Flying Cloud camper being towed by a Ford F-150 | Airstream

This plan also includes the estimated carbon emitted during the manufacturing process and transportation of the trailers from the Jackson Center, Ohio production facility to dealerships nationwide. 

Nearly every owner was surveyed in 2020 to determine how they felt about the environment. One participant shared that,

“When people travel with their Airstream, it keeps them more in touch with nature and humanity. This raises their awareness of the importance of having a healthy environment.” 

Exactly! Bob Wheeler, Airstream President, and CEO shared that the program brings an innovative solution for travelers seeking to minimize their estimated carbon footprint to contribute to a more beautiful natural world to explore. 

What is the Caravan to Carbon Neutral kit? 

Part of the Caravan to Carbon Neutral initiative involves the sale of optional Carbon Reduction Kits from the National Forest Foundation. This allows Airstream travelers to help sequester additional carbon emissions. 

Each Carbon Reduction Kit purchase is tac-deductible. Plus, 100-percent of the proceeds go to directly support the NFF’s tree planting program. This isn’t a kit that you put on your trailer or coach. Instead, it provides nations forests with more trees. 

Airstream Caravan to Carbon Neutral Initiative decal
Airstream Caravan to Carbon Neutral Initiative | Airstream

There are three Carbon Reduction Kits available: 

  • The Silver kit plants 50 trees in the National Forests and sequesters about 25 tons of carbon. This equals about 62,000 miles of driving in a passenger vehicle and costs $50. 
  • The Gold Kit costs $100 and plants 100 trees. It sequesters an estimated 50 tons of carbon, which equals about 124,000 miles of driving in a passenger vehicle. 
  • The Platinum Kit is $250 and plants 250 trees to sequester about 125 tons of carbon, equalling about 310,000 miles of driving in a passenger vehicle.

Also, the kits include a decal to help promote and share your efforts toward preserving beauty. 

How did they get these numbers? 

The estimated 118,405 trees required to sequester target carbon was calculated using Airstream sales forecasts for 2021. Findings for an internal customer usage survey, greenhouse gas equivalency calculations developed by the Environmental Protection Agency, Bureau of Transportation Statistics fuel efficiency estimates, publicly reported Mercedez-Bez estimates, an Airstream aerodynamics study, and tree carbon sequestration estimated from the United States Department of Agriculture went into these numbers. 


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That’s a lot! But the natural world needs to be left in better shape than we found it, and transportation accounts for an estimated 28-percent of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. Research shows that RV travel produces less carbon than airline travel, but this initiative will inspire people to do more.