The 7 Longest Lasting Hybrids on the Road

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Most people turn to hybrid vehicles in an attempt to save money. Superb fuel efficiency and aerodynamic designs do offer a great way for consumers to cut down on their fuel budget, but hybrid technology itself still hasn’t trickled its way down to the thriftiest of vehicles. Over the past decade, hybrids and electric vehicles have picked up a lot of momentum in popularity, although its growth into the mainstream has had several hiccups along the way.

When it first hit the market, hybrid technology was met with a lot of skepticism regarding vehicle range, power, and staying power. There was a lot of questions surrounding battery packs, including proper maintenance procedure and average lifespan. The hybrid industry has been dominated by companies like Honda and Toyota, both of which have put considerable resources into advancing the hybrid platform. As the technology has developed, drastic improvements have been made on all fronts, and more and more, consumers have turned toward hybrids as their main source of transportation.

As far as dependability goes, iSeeCars has recently determined a list of seven hybrids that tend to be the longest lasting. To come up with their results, analysts from the site looked at 20 million vehicles that were on the market last year and narrowed the results down to used hybrid vehicles that had accrued more than 150,000 miles. For each vehicle, the number of 150,000 mile cars as a percentage of the total number of vehicles listed for the model was derived, then that number was used to compile the rankings.

From iSeeCars’ calculations, read on to see the seven longest lasting hybrid vehicles on the market.

2014 Honda Insight Hybrid Car

7. Honda Insight — 0.6 Percent

Ranking seventh on the list is the Honda Insight, representing 0.6 percent of the vehicles on the road with more than 150,000 miles. The vehicles was in production from 1999 to 2006, and then picked back up again in 2008. However, Honda recently decided to pull the plug on the model, citing slow sales in the United States and in other countries. The Insight was a hardy little hybrid, and was able to brag about its status as the least expensive hybrid on the market with a price tag of less than $20,000. While the Insight left its mark on the hybrid market, competition from vehicles like Toyota’s Prius were too much for it to overcome.

2014 Camry Hybrid XLE

6. Toyota Camry Hybrid — 0.7 Percent

A consumer favorite turned hybrid, the Toyota Camry’s hybrid model ranked sixth on the iSeeCars list with a percentage of 0.7. Barely beating out the Honda Insight, the Camry Hybrid looks to last longer than its rival, with Toyota planning to keep production running. With a price tag of around $25,000 for the base model, this is one hybrid that looks to be a solid investment. Fans love the car’s excellent fuel-economy, reaching heights of around 41 miles per gallon combined. Although it gets beat out by competitors in that regard, it makes up for it in high safety ratings and interior comforts.

Lexus RX 400h

5. Lexus RX 400h — 1.4 Percent

The only luxury-brand vehicle to break the top seven, the Lexus RX 400h has proven its worth by representing 1.4 percent of the vehicles topping 150,000 miles. The RX 400h was only in production for a few years, from 2006 to 2009, so the fact that so many remain on the road is a real testament to its dependability. It has since been replaced in the Lexus lineup with similar models. As expected from a luxury SUV, Lexus went over-the-top with extras, loading the RX 400h with enough stylish trimmings for a cruise ship. The RX 400h was even able to achieve fantastic fuel-economy while kicking out 286 horsepower from its hybrid engine.

Toyota Prius

4. Toyota Prius — 2.1 Percent

Perhaps the most popular vehicle on the list, Toyota’s Prius has become the face of the hybrid revolution. You can hardly go anywhere in America now without coming across a Prius in some shape or form, thanks to more than a decade of production. 2.1 percent of the vehicles on the road with more than 150,000 miles are part of the Prius family, making them one of the most longest lasting hybrids available. Customers rave about the Prius’ fuel economy, practicality, and dependability. If there is one thing Toyota has figured out how to do, it’s create and sustain a line of dependable hybrid cars.

Ford Escape Hybrid

3. Ford Escape Hybrid — 2.7 Percent

The Ford Escape Hybrid, launched in 2004, has proven to be a stoic sport utility vehicle that’s not only dependable, but long lasting. With a percentage score of 2.7 percent, the Escape Hybrid beat out the likes of the Prius and Camry Hybrid to finish a surprising third on the list. The SUV was the first to be mass-produced in hybrid form, and also the first from an American auto maker. There have been several iterations over a few generations of the Escape Hybrid, and even a plug-in version developed by Ford to supply further appeal to hybrid fans.

Toyota Highlander Hybrid

2. Toyota Highlander Hybrid — 2.7 Percent

Another entry for Toyota, this time with their larger hybrid SUV, the Toyota Highlander Hybrid. The Highlander Hybrid comes with a hefty price tag — in most cases in the neighborhood of $45,000 – $50,000, but with a high rate of dependability, it may be worth it to hybrid fans with some extra coin to spend. The Highland Hybrid matches up evenly with the Ford Escape Hybrid in percentage, with 2.7 percent of the vehicles over 150,000 miles constituted by Toyota’s large hybrid SUV. Toyota’s obviously found themselves a hit, as the Highland Hybrid has been in production for eight years straight now without a hitch.

Honda Civic Hybrid

1. Honda Civic Hybrid — 5.4 Percent

Taking the crown as the longest lasting hybrid on the market is the Honda Civic Hybrid. With a whopping 5.4 percent of vehicles over 150,000 miles being Civic Hybrids, it easily blows all the other cars on the list out of the water. Leapfrogging off of the immense popularity of Honda’s Civic line over the past few decades, the hybrid version was an easy switch for many consumers. The car first hit the market way back in 2001, and has been a mainstay in the hybrid realm ever since. For hybrid buffs looking to make the most out of their investment, the Honda Civic Hybrid is the premier choice.