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When you think of fast motorcycles, a few brands may come to mind. But there’s an entire world of bikes that don’t make the “most popular” list. It’s important to know that a popular motorcycle isn’t always a quality one. So if you’re ready to break the mold (and the speed limit), here are five of the fastest motorcycles you can buy.

1. Ducati 1098

This motorcycle manufacturer produces some of the fastest bikes on the planet. According to Money Inc., the Ducati 1098 is “the most performance-oriented Ducati of all time.” The company uses an extreme weight-saving design that’s helped the 1098 break records all over the world.

Not only is it easy on the eyes, but the Ducati 1098 also has exceptional handling and a powerful engine, creating 160 hp at 8,000 rpm. It can hit speeds of over 170 miles per hour. Ducati produced the 1098 motorcycle for two years through 2008.

2. BMW HP4

Everyone knows the BMW brand, but the company has made some of the best under-the-radar motorcycles for a long time. According to Hot Cars, the BMW HP4 is “just mad and will blow your brains out because it can go super fast.

The “HP” stands for “high performance,” so no surprise there. But the HP4 has an incredible, minimalist design that will knock your socks off, makes up to 193 hp, and can hit speeds of more than 200 miles per hour. If you want to impress with both speed and style, the HP4 will get the job done.

3. Confederate P51 Combat Fighter

According to Hot Cars, the Confederate P51 Combat Fighter can hit speeds of 165 miles per hour with ease. This unique motorcycle looks like something from a video game.

A company focused on creating “the metaphor for American rebellion in the form of a motorcycle,” Confederate designed the P51 with large tires. Not just fast and powerful, this bike is also designed to be fatigue-resistant, lightweight, and reliable. The P51 Combat Fighter is still in production today.

4. Benelli Tre-K

As far as aesthetics are concerned, the Tre-K is a beautiful cross between a dirt bike and a luxurious race bike. It’s one of the fastest motorcycles made from Italian manufacturer Benelli. For an all-purpose street bike, the impressive Tre-K has a top speed of almost 150 miles per hour.

Its high stance provides an upright and comfortable ride, while its extraordinary suspension system softens bumps on the road. The Tre-K has become a flagship motorcycle for Benelli, coming in 899, 1130, and Amazonas variants.

5. MZ 1000S

MZ is one of the world’s oldest motorcycle manufacturers and also one of the least known, according to Top Speed. Though not as popular as many, MZ has created quality bikes for decades. Not just sporty and high-performing, the 1000S is dynamic and comfortable.

In addition to a powerful brake system, the 1000S is known for its high-performing engine and aerodynamics. Produced between 2004 and 2007, the 1000S can hit 9,000 rpm and create up to 117 hp. This sleek bike can reach a speed of 140 miles per hour in the blink of an eye.