The 5 Best Midsized SUVs for 2023, According to Edmunds

The midsize SUV market is one of the most competitive. In the midsize SUV space, several SUVs offer similar performance, similar space, and similar pace. But they’re not all created equal. Which do the reviewers at Edmunds say are the best midsized SUVs for 2023?

What is a midsize SUV?

Midsize SUVs are what most of us think of when we see an SUV. This class offers a lot of interior space, usually all of the creature comforts you’d expect, and on this list, all have starting prices between $32,000 and $42,000, making them relative bargains. Some have three rows of seats, some are off-road monsters, yet others are bargain luxury SUVs. Edmunds is a site that rates and reviews new and used cars.

No. 1: Honda Passport

A 2022 Honda Passport TrailSport SUV parked on dirt
2022 Honda Passport TrailSport | Honda

The Honda Passport was all-new for 2019, but in 2022 it received a mild update that added several new trim levels. The new 2023 Honda Passport is a utility player that ranks highly in many categories and proves that the best SUV is the one that does it all very well. While others may drive better, or have more room, or more power, few can do all of those things better than the Passport. For 2023, it starts at $41,400 (if you can still find a new 2022, they start at less than $40,000) with a 280-horsepower V6.

No. 2: Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport

A gray 2022 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport midsize SUV parked near a highway cliffside of rocks, moss, and trees
2022 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport | Volkswagen of America, Inc. Newspress Limited

The VW Atlas Cross Sport is a bit of a surprise for this list, if only because the Atlas is the smallest Atlas. The Atlas is VW’s large, three-row, SUV, but in Cross Sport trim, VW removed the practical large cargo area and instead added a sporty sloping rear. The Cross Sport version only seats five, and you pay a cargo space penalty for its better looks. Its turbocharged four-cylinder or the larger V6 feel a bit overwhelmed in this large SUV, however.

The 2023 Atlas Cross Sport starts at $34,460, however the more practical seven-seat Atlas starts at $35,150.

No. 3: Jeep Grand Cherokee

To no one’s surprise the 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee made the list. Jeep updated the Jeep Grand Cherokee for 2022 and unlike most on the list it has a real four-wheel drive option and real off-road capability. The update gave this SUV a modern interior, and a ride to match. The TrailHawk is now 4xe, or a plug-in-hybrid, only, while the stonking Hemi V8 and powerful V6 are both options.

For 2023, it gets just a couple of minor updates, and its pricing starts at $41,530. The Grand Cherokee also comes in an extra-long three row version, if you need that much space.

No. 4: Ford Bronco

It seems like Ford Broncos are finally becoming more common, after a couple of years where they were rare SUVs, thanks to Ford’s chip shortage and early buyers hoarding these cool SUVs. Like Broncos of the past, you can order one with two or four-doors that come off, a convertible top, and of course four-wheel drive. Not many vehicles can tackle the great outdoors as well, yet unlike its chief rival the Jeep Wrangler, the new Bronco is a fun commuter and family hauler.

The 2023 Bronco starts at $32,295 but options can quickly push that price to more than $50,000. The top-dog Raptor version is an elite off-roader, with an elite price of $74,000.

No. 5: Toyota Venza

Comfortable and reliable SUVs under $45,000 like the Toyota Venza
A 2023 Toyota Venza | Toyota
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The Venza often gets overlooked for the uber-popular RAV4 on Toyota dealer lots. It shouldn’t get overlooked because it’s the same SUV, just with a sportier design and an upgraded interior. The Toyota Venza gets the RAV4’s hybrid system, which means it also gets all-wheel drive standard. For those that want to stand out a bit, the Venza is a great RAV4 alternative. The 2023 Venza starts at $34,120, which may be a $2,000 more than a RAV4, but designer suits always cost more than off-the-rack versions.